Meet the cast of Channel 4’s Feel Good

The new comedy drama stars Canadian stand-up comedian Mae Martin

Mae Martin and Charlotte Ritchie star in Feel Good

Canadian stand-up comedian Mae Martin plays the lead in Channel 4’s Feel Good, a brand new comedy drama partly based on her own life.


The series follows her relationship with primary school teacher George (Charlotte Ritchie), which is so intense that it causes unhealthy habits from her past as an addict to resurface.

Here’s everything you need to know about the cast of Feel Good…

Mae Martin plays Mae

Mae Martin Feel Good Channel 4

Who is Mae? Mae is a stand-up comedian living in Manchester and working gigs at a local comedy club named The Gag Bin. She meets George (Charlotte Ritchie) after a performance one night and the two quickly hit it off. Mae is a former drug addict who find herself slipping back into unhealthy tendencies through this intense new relationship.

What else has Mae Martin been in? This is Martin’s first major acting role, having previously worked in stand-up comedy. She performed a special routine as part of Netflix’s Comedians of the World series and had a small role in the BBC comedy Uncle.

Charlotte Ritchie plays George

Charlotte Ritchie Feel Good Channel 4

Who is George? George is a school teacher who meets Mae after becoming a fan of her stand-up shows at a comedy club named The Gag Bin. She has been single for five years and has never been in a same-sex relationship before, so she is anxious about her friends and family finding out.

What else has Charlotte Ritchie been in? After breaking out on Channel 4’s hit comedy series Fresh Meat, Ritchie went on to play Nurse Barbara Gilbert in four series of Call The Midwife, as well as bagging the lead in BBC One’s supernatural sitcom Ghosts.

Lisa Kudrow plays Linda

Lisa Kudrow Feel Good Channel 4

Who is Linda? Linda is Mae’s mother who lives in Canada and talks with her often over Skype. She cares about her daughter, but isn’t afraid to pass comment on her life decisions…

What else has Lisa Kudrow been in? Of course, Kudrow will be best known for her portrayal of Phoebe Buffay on the iconic American sitcom Friends. Since the show ended, she has been the lead in several interesting projects including satirical reality spoof The Comeback and improvisational comedy series Web Therapy.

Sophie Thompson plays Maggie

Sophie Thompson Feel Good

Who is Maggie? Maggie is a woman Mae encounters at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting and quickly forms a bond with. She is a former addict who now takes on a ridiculous number of hobbies to keep herself on the straight and narrow. As she says in the first episode, she’s “far too busy to think about drugs…”

What else has Sophie Thompson been in? Sophie Thompson’s career spans both stage and screen, with recent roles on Detectorists, Ghosts, Coronation Street and Gold’s star-studded original sitcom Sandylands.

Ophelia Lovibond plays Binky

Ophelia Lovibond

Who is Binky? Binky is George’s snobby best friend, who attempts to pry into her personal life and set her up with unsuitable men. She has an obnoxious and privileged boyfriend named Hugh.

What else has Ophelia Lovibond been in? Lovibond has had lead roles in the BBC’s mockumentary series W1A and Sky One’s short-lived action comedy Hooten & The Lady. Marvel fans may also recognise her as Carina in Guardians of the Galaxy, the red-skinned slave of Benicio Del Toro’s sinister Collector.

She also stars in the Disney+ original film Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made as the mother of the title character.

Ritu Arya plays Lava

Who is Lava? Lava is Maggie’s daughter who essentially disowned her mother after years of neglect stemming from her addiction. Maggie is desperate to reconnect, but Lava wants nothing to do with her.

What else has Ritu Arya been in? Arya broke out playing Dr Megan Sharma in the BBC daytime soap Doctors. She has since had roles in Channel 4’s sci-fi drama Humans, ITV’s Sticks and Stones as well as The Good Karma Hospital. She will appear in the upcoming second season of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy.

Phil Burgers plays Phil

Phil Burgers Feel Good

Who is Phil? Phil is George’s American housemate who she isn’t very close to at first. However, when Mae comes into her life, she finds herself relying on him more for advice and support.

What else has Phil Burgers been in? Phil Burgers is a comedy performer best known for his zany original character Dr Brown, who has been the basis of a 4Funnies short on Channel 4 as well as an episode of Netflix’s The Characters.

Ramon Tikaram plays David

Ramon Tikaram Feel Good

Who is David? David is one of the people at Mae’s Narcotics Anonymous meeting. He is one of the most prominent figures in the group, often leading group talks and providing food that few people actually eat.

What else has Ramon Tikaram been in? Tikaram has had a varied career featuring roles in Batman prequel Pennyworth, Sky One’s Brassic, Arctic drama Fortitude and Ruth Jones’ comedy Stella as Mr Honey.

He has also lent his voice to a number of video games including Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Need for Speed: Payback, Dragon Age: Inquisition and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 as the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange.

Tobi Bamtefa plays Nick

Tobi Bamtefa Feel Good

Who is Nick? Nick runs the comedy club where Mae performs and has a cocaine habit. He repeatedly takes the drug in front of Mae, which she finds difficult to watch due to her history of addiction.

What else has Tobi Bamtefa been in? Bamtefa played Godswill on Sky Atlantic’s Tin Star and has had roles in the hard-hitting crime dramas Responsible Child and A Confession. He has also appeared in the Horrible Histories movie as well as Netflix’s fantasy epic The Witcher as Sir Danek.

Adrian Lukis plays Malcolm

Adrian Lukis Feel Good

Who is Malcolm? Malcolm is Mae’s British father, who lives in Canada with her mother. He takes a less prominent role in her life than Linda does, interfering less and often being absent for their Skype calls.

What else has Adrian Lukis been in? Lukis played Blair Toast on Matt Berry’s surreal sitcom Toast of London and has recently appeared in The Crown, Poldark, Vera and Renee Zellweger’s Judy Garland biopic.


Feel Good airs on Channel 4 on Wednesday 18th March at 10pm