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When is The Duchess season 2 on Netflix?

Everything you need to know about The Duchess season 2, when it'll arrive on Netflix, who will return to the sitcom and what might happen.

Katherine Ryan in The Duchess
Published: Thursday, 17th September 2020 at 5:04 pm

Katherine Ryan's sitcom debut The Duchess arrived on Netflix last week, however many fans, who've already binged all six episodes, are desperate for more.


After season one ended with Katherine giving birth to the second child she'd spent the whole series trying to conceive, viewers were left with a few questions as to what could happen to the stylish yet chaotic mother's blended family.

What will she name her new child? And how will her ex Shep find married life with his new bridge Cheryl? Has Katherine finished with Evan for good? And how will Olive cope with a brand new baby on the scene?

For more immediate answers, make sure to tune into's live Q&A with Katherine Ryan tonight at 9pm on our Facebook page, or read on for all the information we have so far about season two.

Is The Duchess returning for season 2?

Netflix has not yet renewed The Duchess for a second season, but we can live in hope – which is what star and creator Katherine Ryan is currently doing.

"I'm writing the second series anticipating that hopefully I will get to do a second series but I still have so much to say," she told during a press roundtable.

Ryan also revealed that she has lots in store for season two, including a deeper look into Shep and his boyband past.

"I have lots of narrative ideas for this story in the future,” she said. “I think us being young women during the girlband/boyband boom, seeing True Say reunited, hopefully watching Shep emboldened by the love of a good woman, do a whole reunion tour and be on top – I would love to see Shep on top – I would love to see what happens with that relationship."

The Duchess' first series only premiered in early September and Netflix usually won't renew a series at least until a few months after its debut (Never Have I Ever announced its second season almost two months after it first arrived on the platform) so there's still some time to wait.

However, it's likely The Duchess will live to see another day – the sitcom is currently ranking as the most-streamed title on Netflix UK. Watch this space for any new updates!

When will The Duchess season 2 arrive on Netflix?

Katherine Ryan and Rory Keenan in The Duchess
Katherine Ryan and Rory Keenan in The Duchess Netflix

It's difficult at this stage to tell when season two of The Duchess (if Netflix commissions it) will arrive on the platform due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Judging by cast members' Instagram posts, it looks as though series one finished filming around November last year, while the scripts for the series had been written by October – as Ryan hit the news around that time after her now-husband fought off an intruder who had tried to steal her laptop – so it'll be at least a year until The Duchess season two lands on our screens (without taking into account how long pre-production took and how COVID-19 will affect the process).

Therefore, it's possible that if The Duchess is renewed for a second season, we may be seeing it in late 2021.

What will happen in The Duchess season 2?


Series one of The Duchess ended with Katherine (Ryan) becoming pregnant with her ex Shep's (Rory Keenan) sperm and breaking up with Evan (Steen Raskopoulos) after he reacted badly to the news, taking it out on her daughter Olive (Katy Byrne).

The last scene cut to nine months later, where we see Katherine give birth to a baby in the hospital.

If Netflix commissions another series of The Duchess, we'll undoubtedly find out whether the baby is a boy or a girl and what Katherine decided to name it – did she call it Duchess as Olive suggested?

Ryan has revealed that she'd like to explore Shep's storyline in series two after we saw him marry Cheryl (Doon Mackichan) and discover that she was also pregnant in the last episode. Will Shep become "emboldened by the love of a good woman" as Ryan hopes? And will we see more of his former boyband True Say?

Ryan also told at a press roundtable that a second series would see Olive enter new phases of adolescence.

"Of course dealing with a child, they enter new phases of their life so quickly and parents have to adapt to that so I think there’s lots more story to tell but it depends on whether or not people watch it," she said.

Who will be in The Duchess season 2?

Katherine Ryan and Michelle de Swarte in The Duchess
Katherine Ryan and Michelle de Swarte in The Duchess Netflix

If The Duchess returns for season two, Katherine Ryan is bound to return as main character Katherine alongside Katy Byrne, who plays her daughter Olive, and Rory Keenan, who plays Olive's father and Katherine's estranged ex Shep.

We're also likely to see Michelle de Swarte reprise her role as Katherine's best friend Bev, Doon Mackichan return as Shep's new bridge Cheryl and Sophie Fletcher appear as interfering PTA mum Jane.


Since Katherine broke up Evan at the end of the last series, it's hard to say whether Steen Raskopoulos will return for a second series, with the same applying to Evan's colleague Sandra (played by Maya Jama), but if series one has proven anything, it's that Katherine Ryan isn't afraid to take the story in an unpredictable and outrageous direction, so never say never!

The Duchess is available to stream on Netflix. Check out our lists of the best TV shows on Netflix and the best movies on Netflix, or see what else is on with our TV Guide.

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