Alex Pina established himself as one of the biggest creators working at Netflix, after his crime drama Money Heist grew into an international sensation.


Earlier this year, he launched follow-up project White Lines, a stylish murder mystery set on the party island of Ibiza, where Manchester resident Zoe Walker flies out to investigate the mysterious death of her brother.

It's a wild ride that sees her learn shocking truths about what her late sibling got up to in his prime, as well as things she never knew about herself.

Since the series debuted back in May, fans have been wondering about whether they can expect more White Lines in the future and we finally have some answers.

Following Angela Griffin's comments earlier this month, her White Lines co-star Daniel Mays has also spoken out on the future of the series.

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Here's everything you need to know about whether their will be a White Lines season two.

Will there be a White Lines season 2 on Netflix?

Sadly for fans, it appears that White Lines will not be returning for a second season on Netflix.

The series debuted in mid-May of this year and quickly shot into the streamer's top 10 list in several countries, sticking around for some time.

Yet the streaming service has kept uncharacteristically quiet about the future of the show, prompting its stars to eventually break the news themselves.

According to Angela Griffin and Daniel Mays, White Lines has been cancelled after a single season, news that came as a surprise to the cast.

Speaking to NME, Mays said: "That show did so well… but I don’t think it’s going again though, which is a bit of a tragedy…we’ve known for two months now.

White Lines cast, Netflix

"We all just took it as read, all of the actors, that it was going to go again because it was obviously number one on Netflix’s ratings for so many weeks and it went all across Europe and the world and did so well.

"If ever there was a hit, this was it, but for whatever reason, they’re not renewing it."

His words echo those of co-star Angela Griffin, who had previously speculated that White Lines was finished for good.

According to The Sun, during an online Q&A for the West End’s Theatre Royal Haymarket, she said: “Will there be a series two of White Lines? I don’t think so.

"I wish there was but it’s very quiet on the White Lines hotline. My gut feeling is that it was left in a place where it is nicely tied up." has approached Netflix for comment.

Why was White Lines cancelled?

We don't know for certain why White Lines was cancelled by Netflix, as the streaming service is very secretive about its exact viewership numbers.

That said, the series ranked in the top 10 most-watched Netflix shows for a number of weeks, so presumably people were tuning in throughout.

Co-star Daniel Mays believes the cancellation was based on two factors, those being the first season's fairly conclusive ending and the international nature of the production.

He told NME: "Part of me thinks it was tied up, you found out who killed Axel, so it works as a limited series but it clearly also had scope going forward for much more.

"And of course it was filmed across [several] countries so there is that to consider too right now with travel issues… which are a challenge."

What would have happened in White Lines season 2?


Fortunately, White Lines was able to wrap up its big murder mystery unambiguously in the season one finale, revealing in a shocking twist that Anna and Marcus had been behind the death of Axel Collins.

Therefore, if White Lines had been renewed for a second season, it would have needed to go in a completely different direction with its story, which Netflix may have felt was unnecessary.

One option would be to shift focus entirely to present day and continue following Zoe as she tries to figure out exactly what she wants from her life.

Alternatively, the series could keep its young cast in tow for more flashbacks, revealing new secrets about how Axel's friends covered up his murder and what they did next.

There would certainly have been more stories with the Calafats, who faced turmoil from within as well as a brewing war with the rival Martinez family for control of the island's clubs and drug trade.

It looks as if Marcus could play a big role there, as the series finale sees him team up with Calafat patriarch Andreu to strengthen the family's drug dealing business.

For now, fans can only imagine what might have happened next.


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