Ab Initio (From the Beginning)

Series 2 - Episode 5 Ab Initio (From the Beginning)



Simon's dead body is found by the river, leaving everyone in a state of shock. Harrow is surprised about all the things he did not know about his protege. The investigator also attends the scene of an accidental electrocution, whom it transpires was the last person Simon spoke to last before his death. Ioan Gruffudd stars.

Cast & Crew

Dr Daniel Harrow Ioan Gruffudd
Dr Grace Molyneux Jolene Anderson
Simon Van Reyk Remy Hii
Stephanie Tolson Anna Lise Phillips
Dr Lyle Fairly Darren Gilshenan
Bryan Nichols Damien Garvey
Fern Harrow Ella Newton
Callan Prowd Hunter Page-Lochard
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