Earlier this month Samsung unveiled the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra – their most forward-thinking models yet with up-to-date camera technology, a set of sleek new colourways, and most importantly, the introduction of Samsung Galaxy AI.


Ever since the first Samsung Galaxy S in 2010, the flagship series has prized itself on taking bold steps forward in terms of design and software. But now, those steps have turned to bounding leaps as these new phones can fill in the blanks on photos, craft messages, and even translate live phone calls, all with the help of AI.

At a hands-on event attended by the RadioTimes.com team, one Samsung spokesperson emphasised their mission to make AI “accessible” to phone users: “Quite simply, we’re putting the power of AI in people’s hands.”

Some of the other highlights of the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S24 series include improved graphics, a larger, more immersive display, and increased durability – with the S24 Ultra in particular boasting the company’s first-ever titanium frame.

Wondering what all this means for you? Don’t worry. Below we’ve outlined all the specifications and brand-new features to expect from S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra, plus everything you need to know about price and release date.

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Samsung Galaxy S24 series UK release date

samsung s24 series
Samsung S24 series via Samsung Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra are available to buy outright from today (Wednesday 31st January).

Samsung Galaxy S24 series UK price: How much does it cost?

samsung s24 uk release date
Samsung S24 series via Samsung Samsung

The S series is known for coming with a hefty price tag, and with the addition of Samsung Galaxy AI, it’s unsurprising that the cost has shot up once again.

The price for the Samsung Galaxy S24 starts at £799 for 128GB and then up to £859 for 256GB.

The S24+ will set you back at least £999 for 256GB and £1,099 for 512GB.

Then the S24 Ultra tops it off with a cost of £1,249 for 256GB, £1,349 for 512GB and £1,549 for 1TB.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series design: What does it look like?

Samsung S24 series
Samsung S24 series.

The all-new S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra smartphones come in four different colourways: Onyx Black, Marble Grey, Cobalt Violet and Amber Yellow. You don’t have to be a Samsung aficionado to notice how different this muted palette is to the mint and lavender tones of the S23, but we can’t say we’re sorry to see them bringing in a sleeker, more professional look. However, if you prefer a brighter phone then don’t despair; customers who pre-order online will have access to three more exclusive shades: Jade Green, Sandstorm Orange and Sapphire Blue.

Colour isn’t the only change that’s been made, however. This time around, Samsung has fitted the S24 and S24+ with its slimmest bezel yet, meaning the S24 display size has increased to 6.2-inches (from 6.1) and the S24+ to 6.7-inches (from 6.6). The Samsung S24 Ultra has the same 6.8-inch display as the S23 Ultra, but has ditched the curvature display for a flat screen which will apparently make it easier to use the S Pen.

The S24 Ultra is also the first Samsung phone to have a titanium frame, bringing in 56 per cent more durability and protection against bumps. This, combined with brand-new Corning Gorilla Armour glass, means you’d need to have a lot of muscle (and possibly a tank) to damage this device.

Last but definitely not least, Samsung has proved with the S24 their commitment to upping the sustainability with every new phone. This year’s series incorporates recyclable material in the battery, speakers, side keys, and glass, as well as 100 per cent recyclable packaging.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series specs: What is Samsung Galaxy AI?

Samsung S24

With the new Samsung Galaxy S24 Series, it’s all about AI. These new phones have enhanced AI capabilities in their cameras, gaming, keyboards and so much more. But if you’re still not sure what that actually means during day-to-day use, don’t worry, we’ve broken it down for you.


One of the biggest AI-led features of the S24 is Live Translate. The phones come with a built-in two-way translator that can interpret conversations over text and in real time. So, if you’re on the phone with someone speaking French, your Samsung will translate what they’re saying to you and vice versa, so you can carry out a seamless conversation without the language barrier.

The keyboard also comes with a function called Tone Tweak, which will give you suggestions on how to phrase a message for certain situations. So if you’re looking for a professional tone or an Instagram caption, your phone can suggest one for you.

Other functions include a transcript assist that can pick up the voices of over 20 people in a room, a note assist to summarise and organise your notes pages, and the Circle to Search feature, which lets you Google anything you see on screen (from an image, social media post of website) by simply holding down the home button and circling the object.


It won’t surprise anyone that one of the biggest changes in the S24 series is the camera. The S24 Ultra has a total of five cameras on the back and up to 10x zoom, so even if you’re at the very back of the stadium at the Eras tour, you should be able to take clear and high-quality photos to capture Taylor in all her glory. Plus, the Ultra’s new 5x optical zoom camera has 1.6x larger pixels than the S23 making it perfect for taking photos at night.

Then, once you’ve taken your snaps, you can use the AI editing tools to remove reflections, put slow motion on videos and even move objects around within the picture. At the hands-on event, we tried this function for ourselves; when we cut out and moved a skipping rope within a picture, the AI was able to fill in the empty space behind it as if nothing had been touched.


For gamers, the S24 series has boosted the Ray Tracing by 57 per cent from the S23 and has a much larger vapour chamber cooling system. In short, it can run at a higher frame rate for longer, and without consuming your battery life. Plus the S24 series features Samsung’s brightest display yet – up to 40% brighter than its predecessors.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series hands-on review: Is the Samsung Galaxy S24 worth buying?

Samsung S24

At the hands-on event, the RadioTimes.com team spent a lot of time playing around with the S24’s new functions, particularly the AI-based ones.

For us, the stand-out feature was the new Circle to Search function, which can be used on any image or webpage. To test it, we decided to go to a random webpage and select the old favourite Ninja Air Fryer. After holding down the home button for a few seconds, we circled the air fryer and watched as the phone produced a whole page of links and articles to browse through based on that specific model.

We were also impressed by the cameras, specifically the 5x optical zoom on the S24 Ultra, which could pick up objects from across the table in sharp detail. The Photoshop-style editing features were fun to use and produced undeniably seamless images, although that may not matter to you if you’d rather go for that unfiltered look.

Aside from the AI functions, all three phones were light, easy to hold, and performed well across the board, but that’s always going to be the case when you’re paying these sorts of this prices.

On reflection, last year’s S23 series seems to have done much of the heavy lifting in terms of design and graphics, with the main point of difference being the addition of AI. So if you’re not fussed about all the bells and whistles of photo editing and translation, we’d suggest saving a bit and going after an older model.

However, if you want to take a step forward into the future of smartphones, then this is definitely the place to start.

How to buy the new Samsung Galaxy S24 series in the UK

how to buy the new samsung s24 series
Samsung S24 series via Samsung Samsung

You can buy the Samsung Galaxy S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra at Samsung:

Plus, you can buy the new Samsung Galaxy S24 series from a range of other UK retailers and mobile networks, too.

John Lewis:





Tesco Mobile:





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