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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 release date

Everything you need to know about Samsung's new, highly-anticipated Z Flip phone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 release date

The year 2020 saw the revival of the flip phone led by the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. One year later and we’re already awaiting the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2.


Due to be released later this year, details about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 are already beginning to surface.

The original Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was definitely more of a premium item than those of the early ’00s, joining the likes of the Huawei Mate X and Motorola Razr. There are currently two versions of the Z Flip available; the original Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and the marginally newer Z Flip 5G.

Features include a 6.7-inch FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED display made from flexible glass, a 10MP front camera and a ‘Free Stop Hinge’ that can stop at any angle so that you can sit your smartphone upright on the table with no stand required.

Will any of these features remain on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2? Here is a round-up of everything we know so far, including when a possible release date could be, a price and any leaked or rumoured specs.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 release date 

No release date for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 has been confirmed yet, but expectations are that the new smartphone will be available in the late summer months of 2021.

The original Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was revealed in February 2020 at one of the brand’s Unpacked events, with the Z Flip 5G model following in August.

This year, we saw Samsung launch their flagship Samsung Galaxy S21 at the first event of the year, with no foldables making an appearance.

How will the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 cost?

Nothing official has been confirmed about the price of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2.

However, going off the pricing of the original Samsung Galaxy Z Flip (£1,300) and Z Flip 5G (£1,399), we don’t expect the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 to cost more than £1,400.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 specs: what features to expect 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Credit: Getty Images/AFP

So far in 2021, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 leaks have been rare. We are still a good few months away from any reveal event, though, so that’s not entirely unexpected.

However, a few leaked details have found their way through. The first is a patent spotted by LetsGoDigital back in May 2020, which suggests the new Z Flip 2 will have a rear three-camera set-up. Two different designs are shown; the first shows the camera set-up horizontally across the top of the device. The other is vertically (similar to that found on the Samsung Galaxy S21).

Staying on the back of the phone, the small 1.1-inch display found on the original Z Flip is also rumoured to be getting an upgrade. The latest reports suggest that the screen, which was designed to give a quick snapshot of incoming message notifications, battery charge and the time, could be as large as 3-inches. Despite these changes, the smartphone’s size and shape are expected to be pretty similar to the original and Z Flip 5G.

Finally, there are suggestions that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 will have the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, the Snapdragon 888. However, this could be saved for the more expensive Samsung Galaxy Fold 3, in which case, the Z Flip 2 could have a less powerful offering.

We will continue to keep this page updated with the latest news and rumours about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 as we edge closer to a possible launch event.


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