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A little bulky and a bit cumbersome to lug around without a holder, the Razer Opus X headset remains a solid purchase thanks to an excellent battery life and a design that feels built for comfort.


  • Comfortable to wear for the most part
  • Affordable price
  • Decent battery length
  • Really easy to set up


  • They do get a bit warm around the ears after a lengthy spell of wearing them.
  • Bluetooth only connection rules out using them for most consoles

Razer Opus X headphones come in a variety of colours, including a delightfully garish green, and if you care about more than the colour of your headsets, then you will be pleased to know that for what it does with brightly coloured designs, it matches it when it comes to the sound that comes bursting out of the speakers.


But what about all the ins and outs of the Razer Opus X? Does it match up to other headsets on the market, and will it be useful for all the things you want to do with it?

Have a read of our full review, where we will, hopefully, answer all the questions you have about the Razer Opus X.

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Razer Opus X review: summary

razor opus x

You will own something that is snug and comfy on the ears with the Razer Opus X headset, and while you can happily use it for PC gaming, you will find that it does the trick for various other uses, too, and they could end up being your go-to pair for when you are about to embark on a long journey.

What is the Razer Opus X?

The Razer Opus X is a Bluetooth gaming headset, which means you can use it with any device that supports Bluetooth. That would be most smartphones and tablets, then, and now the Nintendo Switch as well - Bluetooth support for Switch was added to the console recently. You couldn't use this headset with a PlayStation or Xbox, though, unless you bought an adapter separately that could make the connection work (neither of those console families currently supports Bluetooth headsets outright).

How much is the Razer Opus X?

The Razer Opus X manages to stay under the £100 mark - but only just. Retailing at around £99.99, this is not a bad cost for the type of sound quality that these headphones produce and considering we have seen others that are less impressive for more, we are not about to say that it is too pricey – a fair cost for a good product.

Razer Opus X design

The bright, luminous, green design of the headset we have for review will certainly prove to be a questionable choice for some. We love that they are quite a loud looking set of headphones, they certainly stand out, but we can well imagine others opting for something not quite as in your face as what we have on our hands here. You can also get them in a bright white colour, and a pink variety exists too.

Outside of that, though, we have very little in the way of complaints about how these feel when you are wearing them - comfort is key, and this ticks the box there. The only downsides we noticed in relation to this were that the earcups did get a little hot and sweaty after a while of wearing them, but after taking them off for a couple of minutes, that soon sorted itself out. In short, it's probably not a good idea to wear these while you are out for a run.

And there was a little bit of outside noise that crept in while we were using them, but this was negligible and didn't dampen our experience of using them.

As for the materials used, while the headphones do not sound cheap when they are using them, they do feel it a little to touch but not to the degree that it looks like you have purchased a lesser product, The faux leather on the ear cups is fine, other than overheating issue, and the same material seems to have been used for the centre of the headband.

Razer Opus X features

Let's talk about connections first, and we had no issues synching this up to our PC with Bluetooth - that being said, Bluetooth is the only way to connect to a PC, so if you have one that doesn't have it built-in, you are not going to have much luck at getting these to work.

As for all the controls, they are handily all placed on the same earcup, the right one, and you will find everything you expect to see there included. So, volume control and the power button are present and accounted for. There is also a multi-function button which, as the name would suggest, can be used for several different things, including answering calls, ending calls and switching between calls. Holding the button down will also activate Gaming mode.

Back to the power button again, this can be used for things other than turning the headphones off and on as it is also designed to toggle 'Quick Attention Mode', which lets you hear what is happening around in the real world without having to take the headphones off. It is not exactly an essential feature, but it is a welcome one all the same.

Razer Opus X performance

When it came to sound, there was little fault we could find with the Razer Opus X, and it gave us great sound regardless of what we were using it for. We heard small details that we hadn't noticed before, thanks to the crystal clear quality that came through, and the volume goes up to a level that should suit those who like to have their tunes cranked up to the max – although be careful about doing that too much!

They stay on your head without much wobble, so they shouldn't fall off unless you are doing something out of the ordinary, and as we say, a small heat issue aside, they are comfy as they sit there.

Razer Opus X setup


As easy as can be is the best way to describe the set-up process here that was so simple that the hardest part was getting it out of the tight cellophane that the headset was delivered to us in - we wish we could say that was the trickiest part of all the bits of tech we get to review.

Once out of the box, we just turned the Razer Opus X on and then paired it with our device of choice in seconds, and you really don't get simpler than that.

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Our verdict: Should you buy the Razer Opus X?

While we wish these headphones, which are a little on the bulky side, had come with a carry case, these remain a brilliant pair for having with you if you are about and about. They are not only super comfortable to wear, but the battery life will ensure that they will survive trips that are on the longer side.

These are not the best you can buy, but they remain a solid purchase and a pair of headphones that we can happily recommend - and you'll never lose the green set in the dark, that's for sure!

Review scores:

  • Set-up: 5 /5
  • Design: 3.5 / 5
  • Features: 4 / 5
  • Performance: 3.5 / 5
  • Value for money: 4.5 / 5
  • Overall star rating: 3.9/ 5

Where to buy the Razer Opus X

The Razer Opus X headset is out now, so you should be able to find it at most major retailers, including Amazon. If you're looking to save a few quid, check out our handy deals widget below, which should compile the best prices it can find from around the web. If our review has convinced you to make a purchase, click away and grab one of these while they last.

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