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Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour: When is the next one and what is it all about?

A Pokemon power hour!

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour this week

There are no signs of things slowing down in Pokemon Go and if, anything, there is even more to do now than there ever has been – we appear to be getting more challenges sent our way now than we ever did before.


Another thing that keeps the game fresh is the Spotlight Hour. While it is running, there is a selected Pokemon that will spawn in greater numbers for 60 minutes so if you want the candy, or you need the bonus XP that you also get during the hour, you will want to make sure you are available to play when it starts.

And don’t forget that  Pokemon Go Fest 2021 is right around the corner which means even more exciting things are on the way in the mobile game!

But for all you need to know about the next spotlight hour and which Pokemon will be featured, read on for the latest news.

When is Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour?

Tuesday is always the day for Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour, which means that 15th June 2021 is the next date to mark in your diaries.

Each and every Tuesday, keep your eyes peeled in the world of Pokemon Go to see which critters are under the spotlight! We’ll keep you updated with all the information in this very article.

What time is Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour?

So now we know that the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour takes place every Tuesday, but what time does it start? Luckily, there is no working out timezones here as it is always between 6pm and 7pm in your local time – which means we get to finish work and then indulge in some Pokefun.

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Which Pokemon are in Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour this week?

galarian slowpoke pokemon go

Many Pokémon have taken centre stage for Spotlight Hour including Grimer, Aloan Rattata, Marill, Abra and Finneon, and now we know that Slowpoke will be the Pokémon of the hour this week, stepping into the spotlight on 15th June.

Slowpoke’s inclusion here makes sense as this Pokemon is currently a big one in the game, due to the ‘A Very Slow Discovery Challenge’, so having the spotlight be on it is the logical choice.

The entire Slowpoke/Slowbro/Slowking family is also appearing in Max Raid Battles during this event – check out our guide to the best Mega Slowbro counters!

So, if you are still on the hunt for Slowpoke candy and you want to get all the evolutions powered up to the max, including the Galarian versions, then this will be a great time to do it – maybe you can even get your hands on a shiny one if you have not yet managed to.

This week’s Spotlight Bonus will ensure that you get Double Catch XP during the event, as well, as if you needed another reason to jump in!

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