Years on from its launch, Pokémon Go is still going strong, and the weekly Spotlight Hour is one of many things that keeps fans coming back to his critter-capturing mobile game.


This is the time, once every seven days, when a certain Pokémon is thrust into the limelight with much higher spawn rates and other bonuses to boot. It's one creature's time to shine, basically!

Niantic has now revealed the full list of Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour contenders for August 2021, so keep on reading and we'll tell you all about it - you'll come out of this article knowing which creatures are under the spotlight this month, and when exactly you'll be able to jump in and find them.

When is Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour?

Tuesday is always the day for Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour, which means you can circle every upcoming Tuesday on your calendar if you really want to keep up.

Each and every Tuesday, keep your eyes peeled in the world of Pokémon Go to see which critters are under the spotlight! We'll keep you updated with all the information in this very article.

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What time is Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour?

So we know that the Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour takes place every Tuesday, but what time does it start? Luckily, there is no working out time zones here, as it is always between 6pm and 7pm in your local time – which means we get to finish work and then indulge in some Pokéfun.

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Which Pokémon are in Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour this month?

For August 2021, Niantic has confirmed the following details for Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour. If you see a Pokémon listed that you particularly want to catch or evolve, make sure to jump into the game and get involved between 6pm and 7pm on the date in question! In brackets are the additional bonuses attached to each Pokémon during their moment in the sun.

  • August 3rd - Magnemite (2x Catch Stardust)
  • August 10th - East Sea Shellos (2x Catch XP)
  • August 17th - West Sea Shellos (2x Catch Candy)
  • August 24th - Skwovet (2x Transfer Candy)
  • August 31st - Wooloo (2x Evolution XP)

Eagle-eyed fans will notice that creatures from Pokémon Sword and Shield are beginning to appear in the game, which means Pokémon Go has pretty much caught up to where the mainline RPG games are up to. Exciting times! We'll be sure to update you when the next batch of Spotlight Hour creatures is confirmed.

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