Each month the fine folks over at Niantic and The Pokémon Company give us a selection of 5-star Raid Battles in Pokémon Go.


Complete a 5-Star Raid Battle and you’ll get the chance to catch the Legendary Pokémon and add it to your ranks.

Yes, you’ll also get other rewards including Candy for defeating these difficult boss battles.

The Pokémon Go Raids schedule for April 2024 has been confirmed, and we’ve got all the details you could ever need below.

It's not just 5-Star Raids to take part in, you know. April is full of different Raids, including Mega Raids and more.

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Check out the official X post from the Pokémon Go team below:

There's a lot to get through, so keep reading to find out what the Pokémon Go Raids schedule is for April 2024, to discover which Pokémon will be available in 5-Star Raid Battles and for the full list of Raid Hours in April.

You’ll also find details about the Mega Raids, Shadow Raids and Raid Days in April 2024.

Pokémon Go Raids schedule: April 2024's 5-star Raid Battles explained

The Pokémon Go Raids schedule for April 2024 includes five Legendary Pokémon – Tapu Lele, Kartana, Celesteela, Tapu Bulu and Registeel. Each 5-Star Raid Battle period lasts a week or two and all come to an end at 10am local time. All can be Shiny.

Caught Tapu Bulu from these 5-Star Raid Battles can learn Nature’s Madness, which should be obtainable from an Elite TM.

Tapu Lele - Ending 10am 4th April

The Tapu Lele 5-Star Raid period is 21st March – 4th April. You have until 4th April at 10am (local time) to take part in a battle for your chance to catch a Tapu Lele and earn other rewards.

Kartana - Northern Hemisphere

The Kartana 5-Star Raid period is 4th April – 12th April. You have until 12th April at 10am (local time) to take part in a battle for your chance to catch a Kartana and earn other rewards. Remember, Northern Hemisphere players only!

Celesteela - Southern Hemisphere

The Celesteela 5-Star Raid period is 4th April – 12th April. You have until 12th April at 10am (local time) to complete a battle for your chance to catch a Celesteela and earn other rewards. Remember, Southern Hemisphere players only!

Tapu Bulu - 12th April - 25th April

If you're after a Tapu Bulu with Nature's Madness, you can battle one as a 5-Star Raid between 12th April – 25th April. The Tapu Bulu 5-Star Raid period comes to an end at 10am (local time) on 25th April.

Registeel - 25th April - 2nd May

Registeel will be able to be fought in a 5-Star Raid from 25th April until 2nd May. You have until 10am (local time) on 2nd May to earn your chance to catch a Registeel.

Pokémon Go April 2024 Raid Hours schedule

During Pokémon Go Raid Hours, you will have increased numbers of the 5-Star Raid battles for the month. This means Raid Hours are the best time to attempt the boss battles for a chance to catch the Legendary Pokémon.

Here is the Pokémon Go Raid Hours schedule for April 2024 (all 6pm-7pm local time):

  • 3rd April | Tapu Lele
  • 10th April | Kartana (Northern Hemisphere)
  • 10th April | Celesteela (Southern Hemisphere)
  • 17 April | Tapu Bulu
  • 24th April | Tapu Bulu

Pokémon Go Mega Raids April 2024 schedule

Pokemon Go still showing a trainer petting a Venusaur
Pokémon Go.

Running alongside the 5-Star Battle Raids are Mega Raids. In April 2024, the Mega Raids are Mega Charizard X, Mega Heracross and Mega Aggron. All can be Shiny.

The April 2024 Pokémon Go Mega Raids is as follows:

  • 4th April - 13th April | Mega Charizard X (ending 10am local time on 13th April)
  • 13th April - 25th April | Mega Heracross (ending 10am local time on 25th April)
  • 25th April - 2nd May | Mega Aggron (ending 10am local time on 2nd May)

What is the Pokémon Go Shadow Raid in April 2024?

The Pokémon Go Shadow Raid in April 2024 is Entei (Shadow). Shadow Raids take place every weekend throughout each month. Entei (Shadow) can be Shiny.

When are the April 2024 Pokémon Go Raid Days?

Pokemon Go Mega Heracross against a blue background
Mega Heracross.

On one day in April 2024, there will be a Mega Heracross Raid Day.

The Mega Heracross Raid Day will take place on Saturday 13th April. It will last for three hours between 2pm-5pm local time.

On 28th April, there will be a Hatch Day between 2pm-5pm.

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