We’ve all got our favourite Pokémon, ones that we will try and catch even if we’re long past the point of needing one (that would be a Machop here) - but keeping track of them all can be hard going.


The list of Pokémon that fills the Pokédex continues to grow and only recently we had the reveal of the landmark 1,000th Pokémon, Gholdengo.

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But what if your go-to Pokémon is of the feline variety; how many will you have to get to have them all in your collection? Cats are popular in gaming right now, after all, thanks to the now award-winning Stray on the PS5.

Luckily we’re here to answer that question, and below you will find a list of all 29 Pokémon that are from the cat family - and what type they are. If you're looking to name a pet cat after a Pokémon, you might find this very handy!

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Full list of cat Pokémon

Check out our video here to see all of the cat Pokémon in action! You can keep on reading for the list of names and their types, too.

  • Meowth - Normal
  • Alolan Meowth - Dark
  • Galarian Meowth - Steel
  • Perrserker - Steel
  • Persian - Normal
  • Alolan Persian – Dark
  • Sprigatito - Grass
  • Floragato - Grass
  • Meowscarada - Grass
  • Skitty - Normal
  • Delcatty - Normal
  • Espeon - Psychic
  • Shinx - Electric
  • Luxio - Electric
  • Luxray - Electric
  • Raikou – Electric
  • Zeraora - Electric
  • Glameow - Normal
  • Purugly - Normal
  • Liepard - Dark
  • Purrloin - Dark
  • Litleo - Fire / Normal
  • Pyroar - Fire / Normal
  • Litten - Fire
  • Torracat - Fire
  • Incineroar - Fire / Dark
  • Espurr - Psychic
  • Meowstic - Psychic
  • Solgaleo - Psychic / Steel

All of the above are, to the best of our knowledge, fit for selection here even if they are not specifically called a cat by the Pokédex.

A good example of that is Raikou, but by looking at it we feel confident that it can be considered part of the cat clan.

It’s worth noting here that there may be some Pokémon out there that you personally would choose to add to the list, so there is a bit of subjectiveness going on here.

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