Square Enix has been hard at work on what could be the cutest racing game around with Chocobo GP – and the release date is right around the corner for this surprising Final Fantasy spinoff.


It has been a long time since we got a new car-based adventure in the Chocobo world, with this being a sequel to 1999's Chocobo Racing. Let's keep our fingers crossed it was worth the 23 year wait.

Ahead of the release of the game next week, here is all we know so far about Chocobo GP, the racing game chock full of Final Fantasy characters.

When is the Chocobo GP release date?

The Chocobo GP release date will take place on Thursday 10th March 2022. That means there is not long left at all until we can start playing this adorable kart racing game that takes place, rather inexplicably, in the Final Fantasy universe. Bring it on!

What platforms can I get Chocobo GP on?

Chocobo GP will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive and that will remain the only place to play it – no ports to other consoles have been so much as rumoured, so don't expect that to happen in the future. Don't hold out hope for a PC launch any time soon either.

Can I pre-order Chocobo GP?

Chocobo GP pre-orders have indeed begun. At GAME, where the Chocobo GP price is set at a tempting £39.99, you will also get a Key Ring and Sticker Sheet as a pre-order bonus with your game – we won't say no to free things!

Chocobo GP gameplay

First things first and to state the obvious, Chocobo GP is a racing game that will give you some Mario Kart vibes as you play – never a bad game to be compared to.

The characters from the Final Fantasy series are the ones you will be picking from here and the aim of the game is to beat the competition and emerge victorious in all the races on offer.

There are extras you can take advantage of to boost your chances, such as power-slide drifts, while Magic Eggs will be scattered about and those can be used to either help you, or cause a mishap to befall one of your competitors.

You'll find that there are different skills and abilities associated to each character, which gives some extra variety, while there will be a story mode, custom races, and online races of up to 64 players.

Chocobo GP trailer

There sure is a Chocobo GP trailer and here is the one that will give you a good look at the gameplay you will be in for.

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