PS5 pre-orders: where to buy in the UK as new stock dates CONFIRMED

PS5 pre-order is now live, but stock is hard to come by - we have a new confirmed pre-order date if you haven't got your console yet

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PS5 pre-order

We’ve already had two waves of pre-orders, but it is starting to look like that is it now until the launch day.


We now know all there is to know about the PlayStation 5 after what feels like an eternity of waiting. While the Xbox Series X price before the PS5, Sony fans were left waiting a little longer.

There are two consoles available the PlayStation 5 (£449.99) and a digital PS5 edition (£349.99). Now we have all the details, PS5 games, confirmed price and specs, and the biggest question is – how do we get our hands on one?

UPDATE: Currys and John Lewis have updated their websites confirming new stock on 19th November. That indicates that the waves of pre-orders have come to an end and those who were still hoping to secure the console for launch day are out of luck.

StockInformer has previously said it is “expecting the third wave of PS5 pre-orders imminently which is reported to be a larger volume of units being available.”

We can’t guarantee you’ll get a console, but check the links below for the latest stock.

The PS5 pre-order journey hasn’t been easy. Retailers teased us by drip-feeding stock with Currys PC World, Very, GAME, Smyths and Amazon all getting stock on 25th September but, unsurprisingly, all selling out extremely quickly- not helped by us not getting much notice at all of when they would go on sale.

Be warned; when stock does crop up, there may be wait times even once you’re lucky enough to find a retailer with stock. Both GAME and Currys PC World used queue systems, which wasn’t without issues. The wait time for both retailers was over an hour before fans finally could check out.

Here is all you need to know about how to pre-order the PS5 – and if you want to know the best PS5 accessories to pre-order we have your back too.

When can I pre-order the PlayStation 5?

We have good news though Currys and John Lewis have confirmed new stock is coming on 19th November – so while that means you cannot guarantee you will have one on release day- you do have a chance. We’ll keep this page updated when we hear more and if a surprise third-wave of pre-orders become available.

Pre-orders went live (17th September) in a first wave, but there were a few issues with websites showing a PS5 page to buy but no product as it was snapped up so quickly. Another round of pre-orders went live on 25th September. Largely, pre-orders are only available for the standard PS5 and not the cheaper digital edition.

GameStop announced more stock recently, but there were no Amazon Prime Day deals on the PS5, which was to be expected for such a new console.

The DualSense controller is back in stock on Very, and GAME.

While the consoles sold out before many of us even knew they were listed, we had been told that more were on the way. The latest pre-order wave on the PlayStation 5 was Friday, September 25th with Currys PC World getting more stock. However, retailers were expected to have more stock as we edge closer to the PS5 release date of 19th November- that seems to now not be the case.

If more do appear before launch day, expect any new stock to be gone in a flash though as while they may have more, it is extremely unlikely that they will have enough stock to meet the demand.

We’ll update you as more stores get stock and when it becomes available. “We’re working tirelessly to secure more stock,” Currys say.

We aim to check this regularly, but it’s still worth checking the above to see if stock has come back in!

When will the PS5 be back in stock in the UK?

playstation 5

You know that a pre-order release has not gone to plan when the company behind it come out and admit it. The official PlayStation Twitter account recently said “Let’s be honest: PS5 preorders could have been a lot smoother. We truly apologise for that.”

We admire their honesty! Well, with difficulty. GAME, Smyths, Amazon and the regular retailers went live with stock overnight but it was quickly snapped up. Argos went live soon after, but it also sold out. John Lewis went live next – and sold out within minutes too.

The good news is that they have promised more pre-orders will be going live soon and while we do not know an exact date, or what retailers this applies to, it is a promising sign that all hope is not lost- even if that is looking less likely now. GameStop got stock on 13th October, which shows there is more stock to be had, so keep your eye on our links just in case…

PS5 pre-order UK


Currys PC World 



Smyths Toys

John Lewis

PS5 pre-order USA

PS5 Accessories

As well as the PS5 console accessories have gone on sale. There’s the DualSense Controller, the Pulse 3D headset or the Media Remote. We’ve also rounded up the best PS5 accessories to pre-order now.

DualSense Controller

GAME – £59.99

Very – £59.99

Smyths Toys – £49.99 – £59

DualSense Charging Station

Very – £24.99

Smyths Toys – £24.99 out of stock

HD Camera

GAME – £49.99

Very – £49.99

Smyths Toys – £49.99 – £49

PS5 Media Remote

GAME -£24.99

Very – £24.99

Smyths Toys – £24.99

Pulse 3D Headset

GAME – not available

Very – £89.99

Smyths Toys – £89.99

PlayStation 4 deals

playstation 4

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