Making sure you can get a PlayStation 5 for release day is proving to be a little bit of a challenge – unless you were one of the lucky ones who were able to get in there within the first few minutes of them going on sale that is.


As for PS5 stock, well 25th September seems to have been your last chance to be able to pick one up now before launch day- with it now being confirmed that more stock that will arrive then will be online only.

On the day or the second wave of pre-orders, both Argos and Smyths were first out the gate at 08:00 but not surprisingly they were cleared out within minutes.

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Amazon was also up bright and early with an 08:15 release, but the stock did not last long and they soon sold out too.

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GAME was next to release a fresh batch, although the GAME preorders did not smoothly, followed by Very and Currys Pc World who sold out before we even really had a chance to see they were live in the first place. Fingers crossed those in need have an easier time come November 19th.

But if you did get one, or you plan to grab one in the future, you can make sure you're ready to go with the latest accessories and the even better news is that quite a few of those are still in stock in various places.

So from controllers to headsets to media remotes, we have you covered with the best you can buy right now. But hurry – as with everything PS5 related right now, the stock is likely to go down pretty quickly!

And if you want to make sure you ahead of what you can play when the console releases, check our list of all the PS5 games.

Best PS5 accessories

Playstation 5 dual sense controller

playstation 5 controller

The brand new, super sleek PS5 controller will, obviously, be a vital thing to have for the new console and while all consoles will come with one, a second is a must-have if you have more than one person in the house who wants to play – particularly with games including a co-op feature and the heavy focus on multiplayer that many games have.

PlayStation 5 HD camera

ps5 camera

Perfect for streamers, the new camera is small and fit for purpose, capturing you in gameplay in crystal clear quality. One of the camera's fun features is a background removal tool which is sure to appeal to those who like to upload their gameplay after playing.

PlayStation 5 Media Remote

playstation 5 media remote

The super-sleek PS5 media remote does not cost an arm and a leg, which we are very pleased about. Not only that, but it has streaming in mind, with buttons to take you straight to Netflix, Disney+, YouTube and Spotify.

PlayStation 5 pulse 3d wireless headset

ps5 pulse headset

Sometimes the best way to play games is through a headset. And sometimes the only way you can play them is through a headset if you are, for example, sharing a room with a loved one who is not overly keen on hearing the destruction of a battlefield blasting through the TV speakers.

The PS5 headset has already proved to be extremely popular, so popular in fact that they have already sold out before the console even launches over here. We will keep checking and add stock when more becomes available- likely next week in time for the console's UK release.


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