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Black PS5 release date: new console cover colours out now – here's where to buy

How soon can you get a PS5 in Midnight Black, Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, Galactic Purple or Cosmic Red? For some, sooner than you may think.

The PS5 console covers will come in Midnight Black, Cosmic Red, Nova Pink, Starlight Blue and Galactic Purple.
Published: Friday, 21st January 2022 at 12:00 pm

Gamers who have been lucky enough to get their hands on a PlayStation 5 despite the ongoing stock shortages now have the option of customising the colour of the console, with a selection of new covers available to buy. 


Since the next-generation machine launched in November 2020, players have only had the option of buying the console in white. That changed on 21st January when two new tones, Midnight Black and Cosmic Red, went live at PlayStation Direct. 

Buy PS5 Console Covers at PlayStation Direct

The store listing for the black and red plates confirmed the covers for the PS5 with a disc drive will be going on general release from the 18th February in the UK. Both of the console covers are priced at £44.99 and will seemingly only be available via the PlayStation Direct store until they get the broader release next month. 

The PS5 version without a disc drive will get the two colours via PlayStation Direct on 2nd February, and they will go on general release from the 2nd March.

How do you get a black PS5?

Owners who want to customise the PS5 have to remove the existing front and back white plates from their console and replace them with the new coloured covers. 

Sony previously confirmed on the PlayStation Blog that the covers "will be available for both the PS5 with the Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive and the PS5 Digital Edition and are sold separately from the PS5 console and DualSense controller".

This means that, if you want to create a fully black coloured PS5, you have to buy a plain PS5 (the original white version) and then purchase black PS5 console covers separately. Then you'll be able to follow the instructions on the console covers and swap the plates onto the machine, effectively making your own black PS5.

PS5 covers: are more colours coming?

Sony has confirmed that three additional colours -– Nova Pink, Galactic Purple, and Starlight Blue – will also launch in the first half of this year for both versions of the sought-after console, but a date remains unclear at the time of writing. 

The three additional colours are still listed as “coming soon” on the PlayStation store but we will update this page as information about UK stock becomes available.

There are two types of PS5 consoles made by the company – a disc edition (RRP £449.99) and a digital edition (RRP £359) – but both have been plagued with stock problems since launch as demand continues to far exceed supply. 

Our team is tracking the latest PS5 availability when consoles become available via stores such as Amazon, Very, GAME, John Lewis, AO, Currys, Smyths and EE. 

PS5 coloured controller availability

Alongside the PS5 covers, Sony has already released a range of matching coloured DualSense controllers for the console, with each priced at £64.99. They are out now in Midnight Black, Cosmic Red, Nova Pink, Galactic Purple and Starlight Blue. 

For more on the console pads, don't miss our coverage of black and red controller UK availability.


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