EastEnders: Phil and Max battle to be top dog – but who comes out on top?

The pair go to war in next week's episodes of the BBC1 soap


Phil Mitchell looks set to go to war with Max Branning after making a shock discovery in next week’s episodes of EastEnders.


When Phil returns from a break away, he decides that he wants to be the successful business owner he once was. But a fly in the ointment comes in the form of Max, who Phil discovers has reopened the car lot.

Not best pleased at this turn of events, Phil tries to bribe Max away from the Square, but his efforts fail when the buoyed-up Mr Branning declines the cash offer and instead puts his efforts into the business.

The trouble is that Phil isn’t exactly having much luck with his existing empire, Sharon having got on the wrong side of a disgruntled customer at the Arches. When Sharon teaches the rude Henry a lesson, word gets back to Phil, who is soon venting his fury.

EastEnders -April-June 2018 - 5699

And Phil isn’t happy with Keanu either when it turns out that the Arches apprentice has messed up the books while his boss was away. Expect Keanu to be left taken aback when Phil tells him he has just one day to prove his worth.

Putting on a united front, Sharon and Keanu come up with a plan to get on the right side of Phil. But will their scheme also end up impacting on Max, whose feud with Phil escalates as the week’s drama continues?

EastEnders -April-June 2018 - 5700

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