EastEnders spoilers: Dexter’s father Sam arrives – preview pictures

There's shock for Dexter in next week's episodes when his dad turns up out of the blue

Ava Hartman (Clare Perkins) is to get a shock in next week’s episodes when Dexter’s dad Sam (Cornell S John) shows up on the doorstep.


Sam claims that his own father has died, which has made him reflect on his own life. Realising that he repeated history by walking out on Ava and Dexter (Khali Best) the way his father walked out on him, Sam says that he wants to build a relationship with his son. Yet Ava is furious and 20 years of anger and resentment finally comes out.

But she’s soon forced to keep a lid on her emotions when Dexter arrives home full of questions about the identity of the stranger. Sam then introduces himself as ‘Jacob’ with Ava explaining that he is someone from her young and carefree past. Although Dexter is impressed by this newcomer and tells his mum that he’s a better catch than Billy Mitchell, Ava later tells Sam privately to stay away from both her and Dexter.

Dexter, though, is plotting to get his mum and ‘Jacob’ together. And – with the support of Cora and Abi – he gets them both to agree to meet him for a drink in the Vic the next day.

As Sam sits with Dexter, it’s clear he is intrigued by his son and wants to stay longer but Sam realises it’s not a good idea and – with Ava’s words in mind – he goes to leave. But just as he does, Ava arrives and is obviously not happy to see Sam. Dexter is taken aback by the frosty atmosphere between the two and, as an argument ensues, Ava calls Sam by his real name.


It doesn’t take long before Dexter realises that his standing in front of his father. Shocked at his mum’s betrayal, Dexter storms out of the Vic. So is his relationship with Sam ruined before it’s even begun?