EastEnders: Phil Mitchell in hospital following assault by Jack – first look pics

After a fight at the Arches, will Phil be pressing charges against his rival in love?

Could Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) be facing a prison sentence following an assault on Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden)?


The pair’s on-going feud is set to get even more intense in the coming weeks when an argument at the Arches ends with Phil lying unconscious in the pit (more details on that here). After the fight, Jack flees the scene thinking that he’s killed Phil. But Phil eventually comes to his senses and staggers to the Vic where he names Jack as his assailant.

Jack then finds himself in a prison cell while Phil is visited at the hospital by Sharon (Letitia Dean) as his injuries are treated. Soon enough, the doctor has given Phil the go ahead to speak to the police and even though Sharon tries to talk him round, she doesn’t know whether she’s done enough. Viewers will see the police enter and ask Phil for his statement, but will he press charges?


Find out the answer on Thursday 28 February at 7.30pm on BBC1.