Who is Amal Fashanu?

Meet the BBC3 presenter of new documentary Footballers, Sex, Money: What's Gone Wrong?

Who is Amal Fashanu?

The fashion designer and daughter of former footballer and Gladiators presenter John Fashanu has carved out an impressive career as a BBC3 documentary presenter.


Her TV break came in January 2012 with Britain’s Gay Footballers, which questioned why not one Premier League footballer had ever come out during their career.

This was a subject that hit close to home: Amal is the niece of Justin Fashanu, the first and so far only professional British footballer to come out. He later committed suicide, and the documentary included a tense conversation between Amal and her father John about why he publicly rejected his brother for his homosexuality.

What other TV has she done?

Amal presented a documentary called The Batman Shootings, speaking to survivors of the attack in Aurora, Colorado, in which a gunman killed 12 people during a cinema screening of The Dark Knight Rises.

Earlier this year she presented Find A Home For My Brother, again on BBC3. Her half-brother has brain condition LKS, which limits his communication and can make him violent. In the documentary, she explored what kind of care is available for young people with learning disabilities, both in the UK and Ghana.

She’s also the presenter of new BBC3 investigation Footballers, Sex, Money: What’s Gone Wrong?

Was Amal always a TV presenter?

No, she’s a model and recently set up her own fashion brand called Black Heart Label. She also keeps a fashion blog, InTheFashLane.com.


Where can I follow her?

Find her on Twitter @AmalFashanu and on Instagram.