Dara O Briain to explore the future of food in new BBC1 series

Tomorrow’s Food will look at the latest trends in the food industry


Could the burger you eat every day for lunch one day come out of a 3D printer, or even be made of insects? In a new series for BBC1, Dara Ó Briain will reveal the incredible future trends in what we shovel into our mouths.


Over three episodes presented by Ó Briain, Tomorrow’s Food will reveal the latest innovations in food production, as the industry adapts for changing tastes and technology. Dara will be based in a different ‘food location’ each week (no, we have no idea either) with in-depth reports supplied by the likes of Angela Hartnett.

Have you ever wondered how to farm a desert, or how an army marches on its stomach? Soon you’ll know!


Although: insect burgers? That’s less a BBQ than a biblical plague.

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