Jeremy Paxman in talks with Channel 4… but he won’t be taking Jon Snow’s job

Could Paxo be plotting a new lease of life on another channel?

For a quarter of a century he was a pillar of the BBC presenting establishment as the host of Newsnight. And even after he announced he was quitting BBC2’s current affairs flagship this year, the Corporation is believed to have remained keen to retain his services in as many capacities as possible.


But now it has emerged that Jeremy Paxman is in talks with Channel 4 about making shows for the rival broadcaster.

Asked at the Edinburgh International Television Festival if she has held talks with the presenter, C4’s Chief creative officer Jay Hunt said: “I have known Jeremy for years and worked with him on Newsnight [at the BBC]. [C4 News presenter] Jon Snow should not be worried in any way. But am I in talks? Yes, of course.”


Hunt would not elaborate on what she is talking to the veteran presenter about, but it appears the erstwhile grand inquisitor of BBC2 is looking to spread his creative wings further than just the world of one man stage shows now he has time to “go to bed at much the same time as most people.”