Napoleon had a “very small” penis according to Channel 4 show

Documentary series Dead Famous DNA has made a tiny discovery about the famed military leader...


It would appear that height is not the only department that French conquerer Napoleon Bonaparte was lacking in – a Channel 4 documentary airing tonight has also revealed that he was in the possession of a “very small” penis. 


Presented by Mark Evans, Dead Famous DNA sees a team of scientists attempting to extract DNA from the relics of some of history’s most famous figures. Adolf Hitler and Elvis Presley have featured in the show so far, but tonight it focuses on Napoleon: the notoriously short emperor of France who conquered most of continental Europe during his 1804-1815 reign. 

The episode brings Evans to New Jersey to examine what remains of the leader’s nether regions; which was bought in a Paris auction in 1977 by the the father of Evan Lattimer, who owns it now.  

“He bought it, he never showed it to anyone, he never told anyone,” says Lattimer. “He just took it, put it under the desk and there it was” 

The penis is believed to have been cut off during Napoleon’s autopsy nearly two centuries ago by a resentful doctor, and is an inch and a half long.

“It was acquired in the autopsy,” Lattimet explains. “The manservant wrote ‘We took off pieces’.”

“It’s very small, but it’s famous for being small. It’s perfect structurally, the university have done X-rays and examinations and it’s obviously what it is.”

Speaking of his tiny discovery, Marks Evans said: “I’ve seen a lot of penises, from a Chihuahua to a Sperm Whale. This is so withered. The last place I would have expected to find it is in New Jersey. It’s strange how the withered penis has ventured further around the world than Napoleon ever did.”


Dead Famous DNA airs on Channel 4 tonight at 9pm