BBC2 to show British Airways documentary

A new three-part series will put the UK’s official carrier in the spotlight and explore behind the scenes

A new BBC2 three-part show will offer an in-depth look at British Airways as a company, including how it operates on a daily basis, training new recruits and the future of the business.


Emma Willis, Head of Commissioning, Documentaries BBC1, BBC2 and BBC4, said: “From Transport for London to Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS In a Day, BBC2 has got to the heart of some of Britain’s most important organisations. This three-part series will capture the immense complexities of a business that powers the nation and will offer a unique insight into British Airways’ future.”

In this new show, BA, which has recently received negative press following a huge drugs bust at Heathrow Airport, has the chance to reassure the public about its professionalism and everyday workings.

Nick Catliff, managing director for Lion Television, explains that it took some convincing for the carrier to take part in the show: “It took a long time to persuade BA to give us access, but we are now in the thick of filming,” he said.

“BA is a business, of course, but it’s also an iconic British institution with a unique culture and history,” Catliff continues. “This is just the right moment to be going to the heart of BA, as it handles difficult transformational changes, introduces new planes, flies to new destinations, trains new staff and deals with everything from cyclones and bird strikes to demanding first-class passengers and fierce competition.”

The new British Airways BBC2 show will air in 2014.

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