The Antiques Roadshow travel guide to historic treasures

BBC presenter and expert Judith Miller shares her top British spots to find valuable trinkets…


The Antiques Roadshow (8pm, Sundays, on BBC1) has captivated and enthralled us for three decades. Thirty six series later, we still tune in on Sundays for a dose of laid-back TV, which sees the British public rummage through their heirlooms and bring them to fairs across the UK to get them valued by experts.


Weird and wonderful items seen on the show over the years include a potato shaped like Richard Nixon, a stuffed road kill pheasant inside a glass dome and the original spears carried in The Wizard of Oz (the latter were valued at an impressive £19,000). However, there are plenty more gems to be found around the UK; we catch up with the show’s beloved antiques expert Judith Miller, for her top places to pick up some wonderful items…


Key spots: Tunbridge Wells, Edenbridge,Westerham, Chilham and Canterbury

Judith says: “I used to live in Kent, and have often marvelled at the diversity of shops available. Of course Tunbridge Wells is well known but Westerham is one of my favorites. And don’t miss Edenbridge, particularly with the new high quality antiques centre. Another hidden gem is Bagham Barn in Chilham. An auctioneer worth looking out for is Canterbury Auction Galleries, they have been having some very interesting sales, particularly their Asian department. If you slightly stray over the border to East Sussex, make sure to visit Lewes.”


Key spots: Billingshurst, Bourton on the Water, Bradford on Avon, Broadway, Stow on the Wold, Stratford on Avon, Tetbury and Taddington

Judith says: “Located in one of the most beautiful and historic areas of the country, the Cotswolds is a great place to forage around for antiques. If you like antiques, you will love the Cotswolds! Just the names of the villages conjure up a magical past: from Bourton on the Water to Bradford on Avon to Broadway, from Stow on the Wold to Stratford on Avon, from the glorious Tetbury to Taddington. You can also check out CADA – the Cotswold Antique Dealers Association with its 50 members covering everything from 18th century furniture, ceramics and glass to textiles and carpets, architectural and garden antiques.”

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Key spots: Marylebone, Mayfair, Bond Street, West Norwood, Chiswick, Islington and Wandsworth

Judith says: “Thinking about antiquing in Britain you just can’t leave London out. There are antiques at every level – from great antiques markets like Alfie’s in Church Street, Marylebone, and Grays in Davies Street to world famous auction rooms, Bonhams, Christie’s and Sotheby’s. There are also some good smaller auction houses such as Rosebery’s in West Norwood, Chiswick Auction Rooms and Criterion in Islington and Wandsworth. There are specialists shops that cover furniture, clocks and barometers, Asian art, porcelain and canes, general shops that have a little of everything and great vintage and retro shops.

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Key spots: Stockbridge, Leith and Broughton Place

Judith says: “I started my collecting life here as a student – so I can’t leave this city out. The museums are extraordinary and the Edinburgh Antiques and Collectors Fair, held four times a year, is excellent. There’s a great area round Stockbridge, but I like to go a little further afield down to Leith to a great architectural salvage yard and the legendary Georgian Antiques. If you can’t find a piece of furniture there, you’re not looking hard enough! In terms of auctions, it is always worth seeing what sales Lyon & Turnbull have on – I think their saleroom in Broughton Place is the most beautiful in Britain.

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Visit Edinburgh with Radio Times Travel, see here for more details

West Sussex

Key spots: Petworth, Chichester, Arundel and Billingshurst
Judith says: “Another of my old hunting grounds is Petworth, where I used to live. It’s still a fantastic town to visit and known as ‘the Antiques Centre of the South’ – you are really spoilt for choice. Arundel is another of my favourites and I never drive past without stopping at Spencer Swaffer’s stylish shop. The historic city of Chichester has some wonderful shops, including Richard Gardner who relocated from Petworth. And Bellmans Auction room in Billingshurst is always worth a look.”


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