Gordon Behind Bars detains 3m viewers on Channel 4

Baking prisoners were rewarded with a very respectable audience for their good behaviour


The first episode of Alan Partridge’s Gordon Ramsay’s series Cooking in Prison Gordon Behind Bars locked in an audience of 3m viewers (13% share) last night between 9-10pm on Channel 4 (and +1).


In fact, the Brixton-prison based baking show’s big ratings were only narrowly arrested by the forces of law and order in cop show Line of Duty on BBC2, which drew an audience of 3.1m (14%), and Turn Back Time: the Family’s kinship of 3.2m viewers (14%) on BBC1.

Gordon’s cookery extravaganza was consumed far more readily than the Strictly Kosher produce on offer on ITV though, as the channel’s ob-doc about Manchester’s Jewish community only called 2.6m people (11%) to its table during the same time-slot. 

And over on Channel 5, just 1.7m (7%) people deigned to investigate the episode of CSI that went out alongside Gordon’s show.

However viewers were clearly keen to break out of Channel 4’s prison-heavy schedule after Gordon packed up his rolling pins, as just 1.6m (9%) remained on lockdown after the show for a repeat of Lifers, an ob-doc about lags serving life sentences in the British penal system.


So ultimately, while Gordon fought the law, the law won. But only just…