The Personal History of David Copperfield

The Personal History of David Copperfield

Armando Iannucci (2019)

PG Certificate


Our Score
Charles Dickens enthusiast Armando Iannucci trades satire for sincerity as he takes on one of the Victorian novelist's crowning achievements. As well as directing, Iannucci co-wrote the screenplay with regular collaborator Simon Blackwell, and the pair seamlessly fuse the author's humorous touches with their own crooked comedy for a joyously funny, genuinely touching romp. An invigorating colour-blind approach to casting has Ranveer Jaiswal, Jairaj Varsani and Dev Patel playing the resilient David at different ages, as his upbringing takes one wrong turn after another. Springing from the screen like a pop-up book, this adaptation is deliciously cinematic, while the ensemble - which includes Peter Capaldi, Gwendoline Christie, Tilda Swinton and Hugh Laurie - could hardly be bettered, with Patel a thoroughly lovable protagonist. Iannucci's work is often steeped in cynicism but here his affection for the material is overwhelmingly evident; by adapting a beloved author, the director has finally found his heart.

Cast & Crew

David Copperfield Dev Patel
Betsey Trotwood Tilda Swinton
Mr Dick Hugh Laurie
Mr Micawber Peter Capaldi
Uriah Heep Ben Whishaw
Daniel Peggotty Paul Whitehouse
Steerforth Aneurin Barnard
Peggotty Daisy May Cooper
Clara Copperfield/Dora Spenlow Morfydd Clark
Mr Wickfield Benedict Wong
Jane Murdstone Gwendoline Christie
Ham Anthony Welsh
Agnes Rosalind Eleazar
Mrs Steerforth Nikki Amuka-Bird
Director Armando Iannucci
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: LionsgateReleased on: 24 Jan 2020