Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) opened up to unlikely confidant Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) in tonight's EastEnders (17th August).


Viewers have seen Alfie hear that he needs to be tested for prostate cancer this week, and it's been confirmed that the character will subsequently receive a diagnosis. But before that, he had to return to the hospital for a blood test.

Alfie's adoptive son Tommy (Sonny Kendall) overheard him getting a cab to Walford General, and a struggling Alfie later got drunk and picked a fight with Phil at Peggy's bar.

Tonight, Alfie confirmed to Phil that his self-inflicted hangover headache had kicked in, while Tommy asked the two men to accompany him to the Boxing Den.

Once there, though, Tommy became aggressive with another boy, and Alfie was concerned. When he and Phil challenged Tommy over what was bothering him, Tommy revealed he was worried that his dad was still hurt, thanks to Tommy punching Alfie.

Alfie insisted that he was fine, and said that his hospital trip was the norm for men his age. But Phil knew that there was more to Alfie's situation than he was letting on, and he later persuaded him to talk to him.

Alfie finally admitted that his tests were for prostate cancer. Phil listened and told Alfie that he knew of some friends who had beaten the disease. He also reminded Alfie of his previous battle with a benign brain tumour.

Shane Richie sat as Alfie Moon in an office in EastEnders.
Shane Richie sat as Alfie Moon in an office in EastEnders. BBC

Fans will recall that in 2016, Alfie was diagnosed with a brain tumour before leaving Albert Square for a new life with wife Kat and their children.

The story continued in the short-lived spin-off series Kat & Alfie: Redwater where Alfie was left fighting for his life during a trip to Ireland.

Alfie later made a comeback in 2018 and it appeared the story was left in the past as his near-death experience went unmentioned.

Steve McFadden as a determined looking Phil Mitchell in EastEnders.
Steve McFadden as a determined-looking Phil Mitchell in EastEnders. BBC

As the episode continued, Alfie seemed set on keeping things low-key, Phil reminded him that prostate cancer is hereditary and that Alfie has a brother, Spencer Moon (Chris Parker), and his own biological sons Bert and Ernie to think of.

Phil told Alfie that he must take his health seriously, as his kids need him around. Will Alfie take Phil's words on board?

For those affected by the storyline and looking for someone to talk to, details of help and support are available at, or you can all for free, at any time to hear recorded information on 08000 560 190

For more information on prostate cancer please visit Prostate Cancer UK: and Macmillan Cancer Support:

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