Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) was left in shock in tonight's EastEnders (16th August), after her apparent new love interest introduced herself as Caroline Johnston (Bryony Afferson) - the woman responsible for the death of Eve's sister.


Earlier this week, Eve heard that the woman had been looking for her, and decided to seek her out after making ex-lover Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) jealous. Caz initially said her name was Amanda, and the pair arranged to go for a drink.

Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) encouraged Eve when she seemed unsure about the date, as Eve opened up about being unable to get Suki out of her system. Little did Eve know that Suki was still struggling after her recent health scare, as a trip to the salon saw Denise Fox (Diane Parish) discover that Suki was suffering from hair loss.

Meanwhile, when Stacey opened a letter from her stalker - still unaware that Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis) is behind it all - Eve insisted she would stay home and cancel on Amanda.

But Stacey refused to allow this, and she gifted Eve a new shirt to wear for her date. Given a boost, Eve finally agreed to go. But at The Albert, things were awkward.

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Eve eventually commented that the other woman had barely uttered a word to her so far, before Eve revealed that she was already in love with someone else and her life was complicated.

However, things took a turn when Eve went to leave, and 'Amanda' insisted that she couldn't go, as it had taken her years to find Eve.

Bryony Afferson as Caz Johnston in EastEnders, looking determined
Bryony Afferson as Caz Johnston in EastEnders. BBC

As a confused Eve wondered what on earth was going on, 'Amanda' told her that her real name was Caroline, and that she was driving the car the night Eve's sister died. How will Eve react to this traumatic news?

And might Suki and Eve's separate problems bring them closer once more?

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