Cindy Beale will soon be back in Albert Square and now we know which EastEnders episodes will see it happen.


The BBC One soap will see the major week of Cindy's return to Walford begin on Monday 28th August 2023.

The character will appear in the week prior but will still be appearing in scenes set in France alongside her ex-husband and current partner Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt), so perhaps we can expect an iconic doof-doof cliffhanger by the end of next week.

Actress Michelle Collins has reprised her role as Cindy Beale after 25 years since the character was killed off-screen in 1998.

However, an extended episode in June confirmed that Cindy was alive and had been living in witness protection as 'Rose Knight', the missing wife of the new character George Knight (Colin Salmon) and the mother of his daughters Gina (Francesca Henry) and Anna Knight (Molly Rainford).

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Next week, actor Thomas Law returns full-time on our screens to the role of Cindy's eldest living child Peter Beale, but Cindy does not know the reason for his departure from France to Walford - as Ian and Peter are aware her Knight children are now in Walford.

Yet, by the end of the week, Cindy will plan to retrieve Peter from Walford - but will she find out why he's there?

Now, the BBC has confirmed that Cindy will definitely be back in Albert Square by Monday 28th August, with a description reading: "After 25 years away, Cindy arrives back in the square, the Knights excitedly prepare for Anna’s surprise 21st birthday in the Vic, and there are fireworks as Kathy comes face to face with a ghost from her past."

So, Cindy's return to Walford will coincide with daughter Anna's birthday and this will likely be the day that she has her much-anticipated clash with former mother-in-law and nemesis Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth).

Michelle Collins as Cindy Beale holding a glass of white wine in EastEnders.
Cindy Beale made her return to EastEnders in June 2023. BBC

However, that's not all, as the BBC has confirmed that Cindy's husband George Knight will learn the truth behind her abandonment of the Knight family nine years earlier.

The description for Tuesday 29th August 2023, reads: "George finally learns the truth, Peter prepares to face the music with Kathy, and Ian has an awkward reunion with former friends and foes."

This also confirms that Ian Beale will be back in Walford that week - and likely on a collision course with Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) and Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean).

Letitia Dean as Sharon Watts, Adam Woodyatt as Ian Beale, and Steve McFadden as Phil Mitchell in EastEnders.
What will happen when Sharon (Letitia Dean, left) and Phil (Steve McFadden, right) are reunited with Ian (Adam Woodyatt, centre)? BBC

Plus, Peter must face his grandmother Kathy after previously taking her money.

Meanwhile, the description Wednesday 30th August 2023 reads: "Cindy and Ian’s arrival sends shockwaves through the square, Gina goes into self-destruct mode, and Bobby fears for his relationship."

So, it is confirmed that Cindy and Ian's return to Walford will be public as the week goes on and Cindy's troubled daughter Gina will struggle with her mother's arrival.

Plus, is Bobby worried about his connection with Anna when she realises that Lucy Beale - who Bobby killed - was her sister as well as his?

Michelle Collins as Cindy Beale holding a photograph of the Knights in EastEnders.
Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) still has strong feelings for her Knight family. BBC

Finally, the week will conclude on Thursday 31st August 2023 and the BBC's description reads: "The Knights reel from recent events, Cindy makes a decision, and Alfie puts a roof over an old friend’s head."

So, it seems Alfie will shield his close friend Ian as the Knights face the fallout of Cindy's return - but what will be her next move?

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