Marvel's Secret Invasion is now in full swing, with the first two episodes bringing the tense thrills and shocking twists that comic book fans were hoping for.


So far, we have seen Kingsley Ben-Adir's Gravik and his band of rebellious Skrulls sow the seeds for their disruption of peace on Earth, with Fury unsure of who he can trust.

And, with episode 2 of the Disney Plus show revealing that over one million Skrulls are hiding on Earth – and a key character already wiped off the board – it appears no-one is safe.

But does that include Nick Fury himself?

Fans of the MCU have been speculating since the show was announced that Secret Invasion could spell the end for Samuel L Jackson's beloved character – following over a dozen appearances in the globe-conquering franchise.

Yet recent comments from director Ali Selim appear to suggest that the superspy is safe – for now.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Selim explained that Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige asked him to keep Fury on the table ahead of big-screen release The Marvels, which is due in cinemas in November.

This meant the showrunner had to put specific pieces in place ahead of the series finale, hinting that viewers can expect to see modern-day Fury meet back up with Brie Larson's Carol Danvers in the much-awaited sequel to 2019 hit Captain Marvel.

Samuel L Jackson in Secret Invasion, wearing a beanie and leaning on a wall
Samuel L Jackson in Secret Invasion. Gareth Gatrell/Marvel Studios

"They're not protracted conversations [with The Marvels team]. It's just simply, 'Where do you need him? You need him here? Great.' And then we write into that," Selim revealed.

"So that kind of stuff is very simple because it's all above my pay grade."

With Secret Invasion receiving a mixed response from audiences and critics so far, some might be disappointed to hear that the show’s storytelling was influenced by other forces.

This includes changes to several of Marvel’s Phase 5 offerings, including Secret Invasion itself – which arrived later than originally promised.

However, Selim insists that neither the schedule changes nor the need to keep Fury around detracted from his plans for this series.

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"Oh, if that's the reality of what was happening, I never felt that," he said.

"All I felt was that we were chasing down this story until it became everything that it needed to be: clear, emotionally truthful, thrilling and all of the above."

Episode 3 of Secret Invasion is released on Disney Plus this Wednesday (5th July), and will pick up from episode 2's mysterious ending – which posed the question, does Nick Fury know his wife is a Skrull?

Though Jackson's appearance in The Marvels has been confirmed, it appears there's still plenty of intrigue left to come in Secret Invasion.

Secret Invasion continues on Disney Plus on Wednesday 5th July 2023. New episodes weekly. Sign up to Disney Plus for £7.99 per month or £79.90 for a full year’s subscription.

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