It might be the first series of Phase 5 but Secret Invasion has a lot of Marvel history incorporated into it.


From its focus on veteran MCU character Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) to Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) returning after his introduction in Captain Marvel, plus mentions of the events of Avengers: Endgame, there's a lot to think about.

Kevin Feige has even hinted about what projects Secret Invasion sets up in the future of the MCU.

So, where exactly does Secret Invasion sit in the Marvel timeline and what's its connection to Captain Marvel? Read on to find out how it all breaks down.

What is Secret Invasion's connection to Captain Marvel?

Secret Invasion follows up on many of the events of Captain Marvel - most prominently, Nick Fury's relationship with the Skrulls.

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In Captain Marvel, which is set in 1995, we meet Talos, who reveals that the Skrulls are a species of refugees looking for a new home. Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) promises to help the Skrulls and leaves Fury a pager for if she needs her help.

In Secret Invasion episode 1, we also see the promise that Fury made to the Skrulls, including Gravik - that he would find them a new home.

Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Secret Invasion.
Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Secret Invasion. Marvel/Disney+

However, a lot's happened since then, including the blip in Avengers: Endgame, which clearly had an impact on Fury's mental health. After the blip, he went to work on SABER on his space station, neglecting his duty to the Skrulls.

Secret Invasion sees him return to Earth for the first time since then - and it's safe to say many of the Skrulls aren't left too happy with his abandonment.

Will Brie Larson appear in Secret Invasion?

Despite being one of Nick Fury's closest allies, Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel (Larson) is not confirmed to make an appearance in Secret Invasion.

However, it's not something we can entirely rule out. There's no doubt that her impact is felt on the series, considering her history with Fury and the Skrulls.

Jackson and Larson are close friends in real life, with the actor recently saying: "Brie's a stronger person than people give her credit for."

Brie Larson in her Captain Marvel outfit
Brie Larson in The Marvels. Marvel Entertainment/YouTube

When is Secret Invasion in the MCU timeline?

Secret Invasion takes place in the "present day" MCU - in the year 2025.

That means three decades have passed since Fury's first encounter with the Skrulls in 1995.

What does Secret Invasion set up in the MCU's future?

We know that various projects are coming our way, with Kevin Feige hinting at which ones will be impacted by Secret Invasion.

Asked at a press conference whether Secret Invasion will set up The Marvels or Armor Wars, Feige said: "You've named some of them. Yes. I mean, the repercussions will be felt in coming projects."

Staying similarly tight-lipped, Don Cheadle, who plays James "Rhodey" Rhodes, said of Armour Wars: "Yes, it will relate."

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