Brie Larson will soon be back on our screens as Captain Marvel – and she's bringing a couple of friends along for the ride.


Following the 2019 movie Captain Marvel, sequel The Marvels continues on from the dramatic ending of Disney Plus series Ms Marvel, which starred Iman Vellani as the titular Marvel hero.

The Marvels will see Larson’s Captain Marvel joined by Kamala Khan (Vellani) and WandaVision's Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris), which was why Larson makes a brief cameo in the Ms Marvel post-credits scene.

And now a trailer for The Marvels movie has shown the eponymous team of superheroes in action for the first time.

The footage, which was shown at this Marvel's D23 panel and is yet to be released online, shows Teynoah Parris’ Monica up in space with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) only to end up swapping places with Kamala when a portal rips open.

The location swapping of the trio continues in the next scene, with Carol ending up in Kamala’s room, leading the trio to realise their powers must be connected and that they can work together to form a team.

The Marvels is one of several upcoming Marvel movies expected to close out the divisive Phase Four, which some fans have criticised for lacking a clear direction.

Read on for everything we know about the project so far.

The Marvels release date

CONFIRMED: The Marvels is currently scheduled for release on Friday 28th July 2023, following several delays caused by pandemic-induced reshuffling.

That means we have a whole year to go before we find out what links Carol Danvers to Kamala Khan, but on the bright side, that gives marathon watchers plenty of time to binge the preceding Marvel movies in order, if you're that way inclined.

In May 2022, Empire reported that principal photography on the film had wrapped, but reshoots are expected to take place in the month of August, as revealed by Samuel L Jackson during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Is there a trailer for the Marvels movie?

As detailed above, a trailer was shown at Marvel's D23 panel earlier in September 2022. However, the footage is not yet available online.

We'll keep this page updated with new videos and images as they come.

The Marvels cast

Monica Rambeau becomes a superhero in WandaVision (Disney)

Brie Larson will take the lead in The Marvels, formerly known as Captain Marvel 2, where she plays fighter pilot turned immensely powerful cosmic being Carol Danvers.

Teyonah Parris reprises her WandaVision role of Monica Rambeau, while Iman Vellani will return as Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel, who recently debuted in her own Disney Plus adventure.

Following Vellani over to the big screen are Saagar Shaikh, Zenobia Shroff, and Mohan Kapur, who fans will remember as Kamala's older brother Aamir, mother Muneeba, and father Yusuf respectively.

Another familiar face is Samuel L Jackson, who will be making his 15th appearance in the MCU as former SHIELD director Nick Fury (counting television shows Agents of SHIELD, What If...? and Secret Invasion).

Joining the Marvel family is Fresh Meat star Zawe Ashton, who has been cast in an undisclosed villainous role, while South Korean superstar Park Seo-joon also has a top secret appearance.

Behind the camera, Nia DaCosta is taking the director's chair as her follow-up to last year's well-received Candyman sequel.

The Marvels plot theories

Iman Vellani in Ms Marvel
Iman Vellani in Ms Marvel Disney

Viewers will have plenty of homework to do before heading into The Marvels, as the film has links to three Disney Plus shows: WandaVision, Ms Marvel and the upcoming Secret Invasion.

For starters, it will have to address whatever force is connecting Kamala Khan to her personal hero Carol Danvers, who crashed into her New Jersey bedroom in a post-credits sting at the end of her solo series.

The blockbuster will also push forward the story of Monica Rambeau, who gained super powers from the Scarlet Witch in last year's WandaVision, although her exact capabilities are yet to be clearly defined.

More like this

Fans of Captain Marvel's first solo flick will remember that Carol was once best friends with Monica's mother, the late Maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch), but became distant after gaining her superhuman gifts.

As outlined in WandaVision, Monica feels strongly that she abandoned them, which is particularly tough to swallow following Maria's tragic death from a form of cancer – a loss that Carol may not even be aware of yet.

Finally, it has been speculated that the events of Secret Invasion will also play into The Marvels, due to the two projects having a shared star in Samuel L Jackson.

Additionally, the Secret Invasion storyline revolves around the shape-shifting Skrulls and Captain Marvel is the character most closely tied with that alien species so far.

The Marvels is scheduled for release in July 2023. Check out more of our Film and Sci-Fi coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight.


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