We've had a number of big reveals in recent weeks giving us a sense of what Doctor Who will look like in Russell T Davies's new era, whether it's casting announcements, costume reveals or spin-off teases.


However, one thing that we still have no sense of is just what the newly designed TARDIS interior will look like - although we have just received a few little teases from executive producer Joel Collins.

Speaking in this month's Doctor Who Magazine, Collins said of the design: "We talked thorough various concepts with Russell, and there was one rough idea that was just too ambitious, and too impossible – but which everybody loved.

"Once I’d put it in front of Russell, he’s just too visually bright to unsee it. I’d go, 'Yes, yes, but it’s completely mad, it’s never going to happen.’ Then we started to say, 'OK, how do we make this impossible space possible?'"

David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor in Doctor Who
David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor in Doctor Who. BBC

Collins continued: "Phil [Sims, production designer] brought in a brilliant engineer, who spent months trying to solve the engineering riddle of this impossible, logic-defying set, which no one in their right mind should ever have even drawn in the first place. But that kind of sums up the show..."

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It's unclear just when we will see this new design, and whether it will debut during the 60th anniversary specials this year, featuring David Tennant's new Fourteenth Doctor, or during season 14 next year with Ncuti Gatwa's Fifteenth Doctor.

When it comes to casting for this season, alongside new stars such as Aneurin Barnard, Anita Dobson and Michelle Greenidge, it was also revealed last month that Jemma Redgrave will be returning as fan-favourite character and UNIT boss Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, daughter of the Brigadier.

Davies also teased recently that a figure seen in the trailer for the 60th anniversary specials is a mystery guest star who nobody had picked up on.

He said: "The man with an umbrella and his back to camera, walking into the bright red shop in the rain, who’s he? That’s a lovely guest star. Wonderful actor. Walking past unnoticed. Wait and see!"

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