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Taskmaster series 11 air date - line-up, hosts and when it's on TV

The tyrant is back!

Taskmaster Series 11
Channel 4
Published: Thursday, 18th March 2021 at 4:45 pm

Get ready for an evening of pure craziness, as Taskmaster series 11 is officially here.


Hosted by Greg Davies and Alex Horne, the new series will kick off this March, and see a brand new line-up of Taskmaster contestants battling it out in a series of challenges.

Entering the famous Taskmaster house this year is stand-up comedian Jamali Maddix, Not Going Out's Lee Mack, comedian Mike Wozniak, Frayed star and comedienne Sarah Kendall, and actress Charlotte Ritchie.

And it sounds like the tasks are getting even wilder, with Charlotte Ritchie teasing a “frustrating” Taskmaster challenge from the upcoming series.

Speaking exclusively to, she said: "The things that were frustrating were the ones that were more abstract – you do become competitive with yourself and you go, ‘I desperately want to crack this annoying code that Alex has decided’."

Charlotte also revealed what surprised her most about her co-star Lee Mack, saying: "I hadn’t known just how big a fan he was of the show."

Here's everything you need to know about series 11 of Taskmaster.

Taskmaster series 11 air date

Series 11 of Taskmaster will kick off on Channel 4 on Thursday, March 18th at 9pm.

Taskmaster series 11 line-up

Taskmaster Series 11 start date confirmed
Taskmaster series 11 start date confirmed Channel 4

This year's line-up is made up of what Channel 4 has described as a "quintet of quivery comics" who will be battling it out in a series of "stupefying tasks testing their ingenuity, and weeding out their stupidity".

  • Charlotte Ritchie
  • Jamali Maddix
  • Lee Mack
  • Mike Wozniak
  • Sarah Kendall

Taskmaster series 11 hosts

Greg Davies and Alex Horne
Taskmaster hosts Greg Davies and Alex Horne Getty Images

Greg Davies and 'little' Alex Horne will be returning to host the 11th series of the comedy show.

The pair have presented the last 10 series, with creator Horne giving the celebs celebs their tasks and Taskmaster Davies himself awarding points from his throne.

Last year, the series moved over to Channel 4 from Dave, however, the duo have promised to keep the format pretty much the same with Davies previously telling “It’ll be very much the same show is our plan with Taskmaster, because people seem to like the show and we like doing it the way it is.”

Where is the Taskmaster house?

One of the things viewers have become particularly fascinated by is where the show is filmed.

The iconic Taskmaster house is located in Chiswick, and is a three-bedroom bungalow at Chiswick Bridge, Great Chertsey Rd, London W43U.

The property is a former groundskeepers’ cottage inside a golf course and was previously listed to be rented for £4,117 per month.

Check out our page on where Taskmaster is filmed to find out more information on the show's location, including how the show’s crew live on the property during filming.

Who won Taskmaster series 10?

Richard Herring
Series 10 Taskmaster winner Richard Herring Channel 4

Comedian comedian Richard Herring was crowned the series 10 champion, winning a bust of Greg Davies’ head.

He follows behind former Taskmaster winners, which includes 2019 star Ed Gamble, Katherine Ryan and Josh Widdicombe - who won the first ever series of the show.

Is there a Taskmaster series 11 trailer?

There sure is!

You can watch it below. (Prepare for lots of silliness!)

When is Taskmaster Champions of Champions 2021?

An official air date hasn't been confirmed for the show just yet, but it will see Liza Tarbuck, Kerry Godliman, Lou Sanders, Ed Gamble and Richard Herring - who were the winners of series six to 10 respectively - battle it out for a chance to be crowned the ultimate Taskmaster champ.


Taskmaster series 11 starts on Channel 4 on Thursday, March 18th at 9pm. If you’re looking for something else to watch, check out our TV Guide. Visit our hub for more Entertainment news.


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