Love Island’s Teddy Soares reveals he was a Nigerian prince in Unseen Bits clip

The Love Island contestant shocked his fellow islanders with news of his royal connections

Teddy Soares

While we already knew Teddy Soares was the Prince Charming of the Love Island villa, it turns out he was an actual prince in Nigeria.


In a clip from last night’s episode of Love Island: Unseen Bits, Teddy revealed that he was once technically a prince of Nigeria’s Delta State until his grandfather’s death removed the royal connection.

Whilst chatting to now-dumped islander Aaron Francis and Tyler Cruickshank about their Nigerian heritages prior to Casa Amor, Teddy dropped the major news, saying: “I’m going to say something so shocking – I’m actually a prince of one of them.

“You’re a prince of what? Sorry?” Lucinda Strafford said, before Faye Winter added: “Sorry, one more time, just run it past me.”

“It’s like a village, it’s within the Delta State village. So my grandad has obviously passed away so I’m no longer actually prince, I was a prince,” Teddy said, before Faye reacted in disbelief with: “Stop it!”

“Teddy was a prince! Are you joking? I mean I’ve definitely got to stop with the burping now. I might have to just stop and lay off the swearing so much but I think I’ve got this you know,” Faye said in a confessional whilst practicing her royal wave.


Faye needn’t get too excited considering she did couple up with 23-year-old maintenance manager Sam Jackson before Teddy returned from Casa Amor alone during Friday’s episode.

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