We're just moments away from the Love Island 2021 final and fans of the show have now revealed which couple they think will win the seventh series.


In an exclusive RadioTimes.com poll, 47.3 per cent of Love Island viewers chose Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruickshank as this year's winners.

With almost half the votes, the pair are clearly favourites to take home the £50,000 cash prize, but are they the rightful winners of the seventh series?

Kaz and Tyler have been on quite the journey. They started off very smoothly when bombshell Tyler entered the villa and decided he only wanted to get to know Kaz, who had been pretty unlucky in love before his arrival.

However, when the Casa Amor segment of the series kicked off, things took a turn for the worst, as Tyler jumped ship with Clarisse. Kaz got wind of this via the Casa Amor postcard and switched up her game plan by getting to know Matthew MacNabb, who she later recoupled with.

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But, when Tyler returned to the main villa with Clarisse on his arm, he soon realised he'd made a mistake.

Kaz and Tyler
Kaz and Tyler ITV

The pair managed to put the ordeal behind them once Tyler apologised and eventually got back together, leading to Clarisse and Matthew's exits.

They now appear to be stronger than ever, having recently become exclusive. And on last night's episode, they met each other's families, who seemed to approve of their relationship.

By the looks of things, Kyler might have found something genuine on the ITV2 dating show.

Although over 47 per cent think Tyler and Kaz could follow behind last year's champs Paige and Finn and win the show, 52.7 per cent of voters don't agree, with Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran coming in second place with 27.8 per cent of the votes.

Like, Tyler and Kaz, Chloby have also had an interesting journey, mostly thanks to Toby. He was initially coupled up with Kaz, but ditched her for Chloe, only to couple up with Abigail, who he later dumped for Mary, before returning to Chloe. Yes, we struggled to keep up, too!

Love Island 2021 couple Chloe and Toby
Love Island 2021 couple Chloe and Toby ITV

Nevertheless, the pair managed to get over it all, as Chloe warned Toby they'd be "So done!" if he messed up again, and to be honest, they make quite a nice match if you ask us.

They've certainly come a long way since the series started, with some even calling for Toby to win the show solo due to his personal growth on the series.

After Liberty Poole and Jake Cornish walked last week, one viewer commented: "Just give Toby the money and close up the show."

Another previously said: "I dunno how I got here but I need Toby to win."

Although it would make great TV and some fans (including us) very happy if he did win, Toby can't win on his own as is the rules of the show, but based on these results, he and Chloe could have a very good chance of winning together.

As for the other Love Island 2021 contestants who made it to the final, the same can't be said. Millie Court and Liam Reardon came in third place in our poll with 15.9 per cent of the votes, while, Faye Winter and Teddy Soares - aka Feddy - came last with just 8.9 per cent of votes.

Millie and Liam in Love Island 2021
Millie and Liam in Love Island 2021 ITV

Of course, we won't find out who wins the seventh series until Laura Whitmore announces it on tonight's show, and viewers will also get another chance to vote via the Love Island app, which could certainly change things.

May the best couple win!


The Love Island 2021 final is on Monday, 23rd August at 9pm on ITV2. For all the details, here is how to watch Love Island. For more info check out Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook. While you’re waiting, check out more of our Entertainment coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight.