Love Island is back and while the cast settle in to life in the South African villa, talk has turned to who will win.


While the crowning couple are still a mystery, when can we expect to see the final?

When does Love Island finish? When is the Love Island final?

Love Island's final will air on Sunday 23rd February at 9pm on ITV2.

This season of Love Island has had a six week run, which has previously been extended up to eight.

The remaining islanders will battle it out for the £500,000 cash prize.

If the winning couple decides to split the money, they will each take home a whopping £250,000 each.

However, one could steal the money leaving the other devastated - or both could steal leaving them with nothing.

How long is Love Island 2020 on for?

Usually, Love Island airs for eight weeks. It was extended in 2018 from seven after it became the nation's most talked about show.

However, this is the first time ITV have aired a winter special of Love Island, let alone two seasons in one year.

As a result, fans can expect to see a shorter version of the January edition, with it airing for six weeks this time around.

That will follow suit in summer as well, meaning there will be 12 weeks of Love Island in 2020 across the year.

Meet your Winter Love Island 2020 contestants...


Love Island airs new episodes on ITV2 at 9pm, Monday-Friday