We're just days away from the I'm a Celebrity 2023 final, and it's getting very quiet in the jungle.


Now just five celebrities remain in the running to be crowned jungle royalty, after a fifth was eliminated from the competition on Wednesday night.

Their exit follows Frankie Dettori, Nella Rose, Fred Sirieix and Nick Pickard, who left in the nights before.

Also on last night's show, Sam took on the latest Bushtucker Trial to win stars for meals, and later that day, the contestants in this year's line-up did a shift on the jungle hotline.

It's been an eventful series so far, with both Grace Dent and Jamie Lynn Spears leaving on medical grounds. And with more episodes to come, expect plenty of action in the coming days.

Didn't get to tune into I'm a Celebrity 2023 last night? Don't fret! We have a full recap of what happened on last night's show below.

Here's everything you need to know.

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What happened on I'm a Celebrity 2023 last night?

Episode 19 - Danielle Harold exited the jungle

Following Nick's exit, the campmates struggled to get breakfast underway with their chef no longer around.

"He’s a lovely, lovely human is Nick. This has hit me harder than anyone else leaving, for sure," Sam said in the Bush Telegraph.

"I can’t speak any more highly than [by saying] I’m going to watch Hollyoaks going forward," Tony Bellew added.

Sam later turned secret agent for the day's spy-themed trial.

Arriving at the Trial clearing, Sam said: "I’ve never done one on my own, solo! I’m really nervous. There’s quite a bit of pressure. You want to get all the stars for camp. You don’t want to be solo and not bring back any."

The hosts went on to explain the rules.

"This is No Time To Cry part two, Cry Harder. Hidden underneath us is an evil villain’s secret lair. Your job is to infiltrate the secret lair, taking on the role of a secret agent," Ant said.

"You’ll be going down there, collecting stars hidden behind protective cases. So, you’ll need… this super high-tech secret agent watch."

Dec continued: "When you’ve released a star, get it in your star bag. Only stars in your star bag at the end of the Trial will count. Each one is worth a meal for camp. You’ve got 10 minutes to try and find and collect six stars."

Ant added: "You can stop the Trial at any point by saying, 'I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!' and we’ll stop the Trial, but any further stars will be forfeit. And, of course, you don’t have to do it. You can say, 'No thanks lads, I’m going back to camp.' But I’ve got a sneaky suspicion you’d like to be a secret agent today."

At the end of the Trial, Sam had got all six stars and army rolled out of the lair.

Back in camp, the celebs had a little issue with some burnt rice as Danielle turned chef with Nigel as her sous chef.

Later in the day, Danielle and Tony talked TV and film roles.

Speaking of how she got into acting and eventually onto EastEnders, Danielle revealed: "I didn’t know how to get into it. I used to constantly apply and didn’t get anything. Then I saw an advert for Jamie Oliver’s Dream School. I was like, 'What’s that?' One of the things on there was drama.

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"I applied, the phone rang and it was Jamie Oliver ringing my house number."

She continued: "I won a scholarship and with the money I made a showreel. With that I met an agent. She was like, 'I can’t take you on my books.' Three days after, she called me up and said, 'I just so happen to have an audition drop on my table and I’ve got nobody on my books that fits, they want a young blonde girl.'

"I cannot tell you the mad feeling I felt when she said EastEnders."

Describing the audition, Danielle said: "I absolutely crumbled. Freaked out. I had the script, didn’t know how to learn the script, I just panicked. I cried… She said, 'Listen, I think you’ve got something. Lose the script, come and do some improvisation.'"

Tony discussed his break into acting in the Creed series. He said: "[I got] a crazy phone call that I thought was a wind-up. I said, 'I’ve never acted in my life.' Before I knew it, the director flew in. When I met him, I thought, 'He really wants me to do this. He’s flew all the way from LA.'"

That evening, the campmates did a shift on the jungle hotline.

Arriving for a group challenge, Josie read the laminate, which said: "Celebrities, tonight, all of you will be working at least one shift answering the calls on The Jungle Hotline. If you reach a total of 12 happy customers by the end of three shifts, then tomorrow morning you will enjoy a breakfast butty and a mug of tea in camp.

"Only four of you will be at work at the same time. The remaining two should take a seat in the staff room. Good luck."

Also during this episode, Danielle Harold became the latest campmate to leave the jungle after finding herself in the bottom two with Tony Bellew.

Episode 18 - The fourth celebrity was eliminated

Wednesday night's episode saw Tony Bellew, Marvin Humes and Nick Pickard take on the latest trial, Critter Mixer.

While Tony was tasked will answering questions, Marvin and Nick were strapped to mixers looking for stars.

In the end, the trio managed to get six out of the seven stars for camp.

Back in camp, Josie and Sam reflected on life.

Speaking about her work on This Morning, Josie said: "Five years ago. It’s such a good gig. I will say this, my career didn’t kick off until Reggie was a few months old. Everybody thinks you have a baby and your life is over. It was totally the opposite for me."

Sam then asked if she had a plan, to which Josie replied: "Because I’ve always wanted to work for This Morning and I’ve always wanted to be aTV presenter I feel like, in my head, I feel like I’ve sort of made it because I’ve got to where I wanted to be."

Asked what his plan is, Sam said: "I want to get to that stage, really Jose where you’re at, where you’re like, ‘Do you know what? This is me.'"

"You’re going to be the best dad as well," Josie then said.

"Thanks, Jose. It’s kind of tough to explain this, a lot of people- you not included - a lot of guys who are like, 'Mate, you need to have kids, you need to have kids,' but my circumstances are different to yours. My girlfriend, and I would never want to take this away from her, is doing so well. I know she doesn’t want to give that up. And she shouldn’t have to. There will come a time where we’ll both be like, 'Yeah, now’s the time', but I just don’t think it’s now," Sam said.

Later that day, Nigel and Josie took on the latest Deals On Wheels challenge. As they arrived at the challenge, they heard Kiosk Kev read out the instructions over the jungle tannoy.

"G’day celebrities. The pool is full of blown up items which I need you to sort out into categories and take them through the tunnel to the storage room. If you correctly sort three different categories, before the sand timer runs out, then you’ll win those Dingo Dollars," he said.

They completed the task and visited Kiosk Kev’s ice-cream van. Camp were then asked: Which of the following happened live on This Morning?

A) Alison officiated at the marriage of a woman and her dog

B) Dermot was hypnotised and clucked like a chicken

C) Gino stripped off and jumped in the Thames

The correct answer was A, which camp got correct and they won chocolate digestives.

Later on, Nick Pickard became the fourth contestant to leave the jungle.

Episode 17 - Nella said goodbye and Fred was voted out

After it was revealed that Nella would be going home, the YouTube star said her goodbyes to her campmates.

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph, Nick Pickard said: "I've loved getting to know Nella, she's a lovely girl with a heart of gold. She's funny, she's got banter. She's had her ups and downs, but ultimately Nella's been a wonderful girl to be around."

Later that day, Marvin and Sam created their own movie, in which they play the characters of Merf and Axwell.

As they acted out a scene, Josie asked: "What are you doing? You just made up a film like that?"

Marvin explained the plot saying: "Basically, he [Sam as Merf] got suspended from work, he hit the bottle hard, his wife died in the line of duty so they do feel sorry for him. He just went to AA on a six-week course. In the meantime I [Axwell] stepped up as sheriff."

Josie then asked if she could be in the film, saying of her character: "I'm like a real power chick who wears a suit all the time. You all want to sleep with me, but I hate you. Everyone fancies me. I love it."

Marvin Humes and Fred Sirieix taking on the Fly on the Wall trial on I'm a Celebrity 2023.
Marvin Humes and Fred Sirieix on I'm a Celebrity 2023 ITV

It was time for the day's trial, which saw Marvin and Fred taking on Fly on the Wall as decided by the campmates.

Arriving at the trial, Dec explained: "This is Fly on the Wall. You'll both start the Trial standing on the ledges of either side of the wall where you'll notice there are eight half stars on either side.

"You have to work together to collect your half stars in numbered order. To collect a piece you have to get both feet into the red numbered area. And when you're both in position you can get the star pieces off the wall."

Ant added: "Once you've got them, you both meet back in the middle where the hole in the wall is. Then you'll get both pieces into the star bag. Only full stars in the bag at the end of the Trial will count. There are eight stars to get and you've got eight minutes to do this."

In the end they managed to win five out of a possible eight stars.

Later that day, Danielle was declared camp leader and picked Josie as her deputy.

Sam and Josie were then set secret challenges. They headed out for a challenge but instead arrived at the famous Jungle Arms pub where they each sipped a fruity juice drink and sat in a deck chair.

Sam then read a laminate, which said: "Tonight The Jungle Arms will be open to everyone. But only if you successfully complete a number of secret missions in camp. Your first secret mission is to return to camp and convince your campmates that you failed today’s Deals on Wheels.

"As part of your story you must wear the koala mask and cover yourself in slime and feathers. You’ll be set further secret missions later. Good luck and remember you must not share this information with anyone."

The duo were successful in the challenge and The Jungle Arms was later opened to the rest of the camp, with the contestants enjoying pizza, crisps, cocktails and karaoke.

Also in the episode, Ant and Dec returned to reveal that the public had been voting and one more contestant would be going home. After finding himself in the bottom two with Danielle Harold, it was revealed that Fred Sirieix would be going home.

Episode 16 - Frankie is the first campmate to leave the jungle

Following the first public vote off, Frankie Dettori was the first campmate to leave the jungle.

Ant & Dec arrived in camp, and Ant announced: "The first person to leave I'm a Celebrity 2023 as a result of the public vote is… Frankie."

Sam shouted, "Love you Frank!" The campmates all cheered Frankie as he left. And they said "beautiful" altogether the way Frankie did.

Elsewhere in the episode, Fred volunteered to do the Celebrity Distressing Room Trial.

When Fred arrived at the Trial, Ant explained: "This is Celebrity Distressing Rooms. As you can see, Fred, this Trial is made up of five dressing rooms that belong to actual celebrities."

He continued: "You've got to search each dressing room to try and find stars. Once you get a star, all you’ve got to do is pop it in your star bag.

"Every star in your star bag at the end of time is a meal for camp. You'll only have two minutes in each dressing room, so you'll have to be quick. And there are nine stars in total to find."

The first room Fred entered was Dame Judi Stench, in which he had two minutes to find one star in the room. At the end of the Trial, Fred managed to obtain seven out of nine stars for the camp.

Later on in the episode, Tony talked about the dangers of boxing when Nella asked why he chose to retire.

"My body stopped me. It's so dangerous. It's brutal," he explained.

Tony added: "Boxing is the most damaging sport in the world… A professional boxer, it's estimated that he will get hit in the head 50,000 times a year - that's going to catch up with me at some point. I can accept that, I knew it when I got into it… I know what I'm signing up for.

"If tomorrow I go into a coma because of the punches I've took, that's on me. That's no one else. I'm not suing no one, it ain't their fault."

Episode 15 - The campmates read their letters from home

It was incredibly wholesome episode of I'm a Celebrity on Sunday night, as the campmates read out their letters from home to one another around the fire.

Nick read out Fred's letter from his family. It read: "Hi Papa, we miss seeing your face every day and hearing your loud laugh. But it gives us so much comfort to see you on the TV every evening."

Tony read Sam's from his girlfriend, Zara, who told him to "keep lighting up the camp in your special way and know just how beautiful a person everyone thinks you are".

Danielle read Nella's letter from her godmother, Deborah: "Hey Nells, we want you to know just how immensely proud of you we all are. You're a shining example for all of us. An inspiration in every sense of the word.

"Every night we get together and watch you take on the scary trials and challenges. We all miss you so much and cannot wait to give you all big hugs when we see you."

Sam read Tony's letter from his wife, Rachael: "Hey Ant, we love you so much and Carson keeps asking for you - sometimes kindness and support has shown the world the real you. I can't believe you did the drinking Trial, don't expect me to kiss you."

Elsewhere in the episode, Frankie found a snake when carrying out his chores. He managed to dodge it on the path and said to it: "Hi, snake."

In the Bush Telegraph, he explained: "I had to go down and get some wood, and who was there to greet me? A nice lovely snake."

He added: "It took me by surprise, actually, when I first saw him, but in the jungle you've got to have eyes everywhere."

Episode 14 - Tony wins big in Bushtucker Trial, and Frankie and Jodie pay Kiosk Kev a visit

im a celebrty

Tony Bellew gave a good account of himself in the latest Bushtucker trial, Eaten Alive, in which he had to crawl through a giant replica snake while searching for stars hidden in its intestines. And as ever, there were a few surprises along the way, from rotten fruit and veg to rats and spiders.

But despite that, he impressed by bagging 9/10 stars for camp before safely exiting the fake snake's rectum.

"Is this all you've got for me?" he yelled while savouring his victory. "Are you not entertained?! Is this not why you are here?"

But sadly, the group were rewarded with eel for dinner, which didn't go down particularly well.

"I was excited until I found it was eel!" said Josie.

Frankie, however, was excited to tuck in: "It's fabulous - have you tried it?"

It was an eventful episode, with Frankie and Josie also taking on Kiosk Kev's latest challenge.

Frankie was locked inside a Wendy house while Josie had to create the perfect pattern in blocks. In order to collect the dingo dollars, they had to complete all three patterns before the timer ran out.

After a short while, the pair swapped positions and eventually, they managed to solve the riddle, before moving onto the question part of Kiosk Kev's task.

The camp was asked the following query: which of the following stories about Frankie is NOT true:

  1. A) He was kicked in the shins by Queen Elizabeth's racing manager
  2. B) He broke Royal protocol by kissing Camilla on the cheek
  3. C) He arrived at Prince Charles' 75th birthday inside a pantomime horse

Camp chose option C, which is correct, and the pair returned to their jungle family with some delicious crumpets and butter.

"What a purchase, thanks Kev!" said Josie.

Episode 13 - Nella Rose quits another Bushtucker Trial

I'm a Celebrity 2023 Grim Gutter trial.
Tony, Nella and Sam on I'm a Celeb 2023. ITV/ YouTube.

Nigel, Sam, Nick, Nella and Tony took on a challenge called Grim Gutter that saw them strapped down in coffin-like drains as they raced to unlock stars whilst being joined by various guests.

Nick and Tony were given snakes, Sam had toads, Nigel was given rats (what else?) and Nella was met with cockroaches, which ultimately proved too much for her as she quit the trial just minutes in.

Speaking afterwards, she said: "I've done the cockroaches before. That's why I was so angry I got them again."

While Nella and Nigel didn't manage to unlock any stars in the challenge, Tony, Sam and Nick unlocked two each, resulting in six meals for camp.

Elsewhere on the show, the campmates elected a new leader, choosing Nella to take over the reigns from Sam, while Danielle Harold was chosen as her deputy.

Nella wasted no time in reorganising the duties of her fellow campmates, assigning washing up duty to Fred and Nigel.

She said: "Washing up duty, we have Fred and Farage. You guys like to pick up things that people have cleaned, throw them on the muddy floor and tell them to wash it again. So now, unfortunately, roles reversed."

This episode's comedic interlude came when Thompson broke wind in camp – much to the horror of Tony.

Tony said: "I'm eating my breakfast. Nearly knocked my tash off my face… How long have you been with your girlfriend? Have you ever farted on her? So why would you do it to strangers then? I'm going to teach you some decorum."

Sam attempted to make amends by singing 'Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word', but Tony wasn't having any of it and responded: "I have no words, sometimes. Sam you sound like you’re being poked with a hot stick."

Towards the end of the episode, the celebrities took part in a challenge called In Your Screams, which saw the contestants tasked with getting into pairs and learning each other's screams.

They then had to correctly identity their partner's screams in order to win their chosen treat, with most of the stars emerging victorious, and only Josie, Marvin and Nella failing to get their treat after their partners lost the challenge.

Episode 12 - Josie Gibson got overwhelmed during the Bushtucker Trial

Josie Gibson being comforted by Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Of Ouf of Here after feeling overwhelmed during The Barbaric Barbershop Bushtucker Trial
Josie Gibson with Ant and Dec. Youtube/I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

Nick awoke to find out Jamie had left, with Nella joking: "But I think everything is your fault…”

In the Bush Telegraph Nick said: “Went to bed early and Jamie’s gone. It’s not nice. But there you go, we’ve got to carry on haven’t we? Eyes down, feet forward.”

Later that day, five campmates faced The Barbaric Barbershop, which saw Josie becoming very overwhelmed.

Fred, Marvin, Frankie, Josie and Danielle arrived at the trials clearing in the first part of a two-day challenge, which will result in all campmates having faced a critter chosen by the public.

Ant explained: "This is the Barbaric Barbershop. You’ll each take a seat in one of the barbershop chairs, placing your head in the head box above. You’ll need to use only your mouth and tongue to remove the star pieces off the threads in the head box. The aim of the game is simple, to use the star pieces to form a star shape and place it in your barbershop chair."

Dec said: "As you can see, each star has been split into two unique pieces. You need to find the two pieces that go together to form your star. However, all the pieces have been jumbled up. So the pieces in your box might not be for your stars. So you’re going to have to pass them between each other to complete the stars. And, be careful, if you drop a piece, it’s gone."

He added: "You have got 10 minutes to form 10 stars."

Ant then revealed what the public had chosen for each person, saying: "Before we begin, we need to know what the public has voted to join you in there.

"Fred, let’s start with you, you will be joined by snakes. Marvin, you will be joined by snakes as well. Frankie, you’ll be joined by cockroaches. Josie, you will be joined by spiders. Danielle, you will be joined by rats."

The group finished the trial having won four out of a possible 10 stars.

You can watch the trial below:

Back in camp, Sam opened up about his ADHD diagnosis, revealing he'd only been diagnosed a week before arriving at the camp.

He said: "There’s loads of people who are actually like of a certain age who get diagnosed way later. When the low bits happen it goes low. But then the highs are really high. My girlfriend Zara is so steady and it’s so good for me. When she’s going steady I’m going like that [mimes wavy line].

"My time keeping is terrible. I get quite selfish, not just with her [my girlfriend], with everyone, my mates or whatever. My listening to Zara… I’m just finding myself staring off at something completely different. You sort of feel like you’re a bit of a **** sometimes."

"But you would not be Sam without it," Josie said.

"I would just always say you’ve got loads of energy. Your energy is crazy bro and it’s what makes you great," Marvin added.

Later that day, Tony and Marvin talked about their wives.

Speaking of how he met his wife, Tony said: "The first time I met her I was 10/11 years old. Then they moved and I was still friends with the brother and then I was working in a nightclub as a security and she come up to the thing and said, ‘Anthony.’

"At this stage everyone just called me ‘Bomber’ or Tony. I looked at her and she went, ‘Anthony, it’s me, Rachel.’ And I thought, ‘I do not know anyone that looks like you called Rachel.’ She said, ‘It’s Neil’s sister.’ My eyes went, ‘Wow!’

"[I] tried to play it cool, gave it about half an hour, bounded straight into that club and found her, said ‘Can I get you a drink, how are you, what’s going on?’ After about an hour I said, ‘Have you got a boyfriend?’ [She said], ‘No I haven’t.’ [I said], ‘Any chance we could go pictures or something? Go for a drink?’ and she just went, ‘No.’"

The former boxer added: "I was persistent. Carried on, carried on… she said ‘Listen, you’re just on my case constantly, give me your number and I’ll phone you.’ Anyway, she phoned me and said, ‘What do you want?’ I said, ‘I thought we could just go to the pictures or something.'"

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph, Marvin said: "Persistence, persistence, persistence. Trust me. It was the same for me to get a first date with Rochelle, you know. He’s a bit of a romantic, old Tony Bellew."

Episode 11 - Jamie Lynn left I'm a Celebrity

After spending the night in the camp leader's bus, Sam woke up to a leech on his bottom - ouch!

"I had a leech attached to my a***. I felt so violated," the reality TV star complained in the Bush Telegraph.

Later that day, Nick and Nigel faced the latest Bushtucker Trial. As they arrived, Dec explained: "This is In Too Deep. It takes place in these two giant water tanks behind you. You’ll need to free those stars that are trapped at the bottom. You do this by releasing the spanners that are up there on the side of the tank.

"Then you’ll use them to unscrew the bolts that are holding the stars in place. When the stars are removed, you can collect them and get them in your bag. Only stars in your bag at the end of the Trial will count."

Ant added: "You’ll take it in turns collecting one star at a time. This is a Bushtucker Trial; expect the unexpected.

"You’ve got 11 minutes to get 11 stars. You can stop the Trial at any point by saying, 'I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!' and we’ll stop the Trial, but then you will forfeit any further stars. The other celebrity can play on to get their stars, but with half the time.

"And, of course, you don’t have to do it. You can say, 'No thanks, lads,' but you’ll go back to camp empty-handed."

Nigel quit midway, reducing their time - but in the end the duo managed to win a total of six stars.

Back in camp, Nigel asked Nella if he'd upset her and she said yes, before explaining: "I just feel like you were very dismissive about cultural appropriation yesterday."

She concluded the conversation by saying: "It’s cool. I don’t have an issue with you. Like I said to you a couple of days ago, you are always going to have your opinions and I’m always going to have my opinions and we can agree to disagree, but let’s just not be the best of buds, because clearly we’re just from two different sides of the world and you’ll never understand my issues and struggles."

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph, Nigel said: "I’m worried about being accused of cultural appropriation, not as she took it that I was dismissive of it as a concept completely - but we’ve had a chat about it and that’s fine."

Also in camp, Frankie opened up to his campmates about his life as a jockey, discussing his career and the nerves he faces, saying: "I can control it now, I love it. It’s horrible, but it’s great.

"We get £160 to ride the horse. But if we have a million pound race, I get £100,000 - I get 10%, around there. You’ve got to win the big races to make a good living. To get the big races, you need a good horse. And to get a good horse, you’ve got to work for a big stable, it’s how it works."

That evening, Fred and Danielle teamed up for the Sticky Kiosk Kev challenge.

As they arrived at the road sign-themed challenge, Kiosk Kev said over the tannoy: "G’day, celebrities. Today’s Deals on Wheels challenge will put you in a very sticky situation.

"All you need to do is match the road signs with the correct meaning. The traffic light will go green if you get it correct. Get all six in the right place and you’ll win those Dingo Dollars."

"So, I failed six times my driving test. Six! Sorry…" Danielle said.

During the game, they looked to match the road sign of an uneven road, minimum speed, no vehicles, river bank and more.

They completed the challenge and visited Kiosk Kev.

Camp got the question right after being asked how many 'doofs' are in the EastEnders theme tune - the correct answer being nine - and they won crisps.

This was the last episode that featured Jamie Lynn Spears after the actress quit I'm a Celebrity due to medical reasons.

Episode 10 - Nella and Frankie teamed up for a dreaded trial

I'm a Celebrity returned for another critter-filled episode stacked with trials, with Marvin, Sam and Tony checking into the Misery Motel and Nella and Frankie taking on the beds trial.

Kicking things off was Marvin, Sam and Tony at the Misery Motel, where they were met with a set of instructions.

Marvin read out the rules: "You have the chance to win up to 10 coins each. One after the other, you will enter your room to search for the coins, while the other two celebrities must look through the window to help you.

"You'll have a total of 15 minutes for all three rooms. At the end of the challenge, you can head to the jungle vending machine, where you can buy some of the stars for tomorrow night's meal and a treat for camp. Good luck."

Marvin went into his room first, while Sam and Tony helped him out with clues - and were showered with critters in the process.

Marvin managed to get all 10 coins in time and the trio moved onto the next room.

At the end of the challenge, they managed to get 24 out of 30 coins and bought a bunch of chocolate for the camp, which the fellow campmates were over the moon with.

Elsewhere was Frankie and Nella, who were chosen by the public to take on the latest trial, Dreaded Beds.

During the challenge, the pair had to enter a room each, lying down on the bed inside. One of the celebrities had to find a number of four digit codes, while the other had to use the codes to unlock the boxes that had gold coins in them.

However, all didn't go according to plan, as the pair finished the trial with no coins won, missing out on getting luxury items for their campmates.

When Marvin, Sam and Tony returned with sweet treats for the camp, Jamie Lynn took herself away to cry.

Tony asked, "OK, mate?" Jamie Lynn responded, "I'm fine… I'm just… No, I'm not…"

Danielle gave Jamie Lynn a cuddle and said, "I don't blame you today." Jamie Lynn then said, "That little square of chocolate p*****d me off."

While in the Bush Telegraph, Jamie Lynn said: "I just want more chocolate."

Episode 9 - Grace Dent left the camp

It was another thrilling time in the jungle last night as Josie and Danielle tackled the Down The Tubes trial, three housemates were sent to the Misery Motel, and the camp learned that Grace would be leaving.

Josie and Danielle arrived at the clearing for last night's trial, Down The Tubes.

During the trial, the campmates were strapped into a giant tube and suspended above the valley floor, where they had to unlock stars and throw them to the celebrity in another tube.

The pair proved to be a good team, as Dec confirmed: "There was two that got away, but you managed to lock eight in the box plus the two that you held onto when you dropped out, that makes a grand total of 10 stars."

Viewers also saw that Grace Dent left the camp due to medical reasons.

I'm a Celebrity 2023 contestant Grace Dent wearing her camp gear while sitting on a log in front of some trees ahead of the 2023 season.
Grace Dent. ITV ITV

Announcing the news to the camp was Nick, who read: "My dear campmates, I'm so sorry to let you down. I have left the camp for medical reasons.

"My heart is broken, I have loved and enjoyed getting to know you all. You've held me up and it's been a pleasure being your friend through this experience. Leaving you all at this stage will be one of the saddest things in my life. I love you all. Your friend, Miss Grace Dent."

The campmates all rallied around, saying they would miss her and that she hadn't let them down.

Sam, Tony and Marvin were the three celebrities to head to the Misery Motel, where they were surprised with a shower of critters.

With the episode left on a cliffhanger, viewers will have to tune into tonight's episode to find out what happens!

Episode 8 - Tony Bellew revealed what it was like fighting Usyk

On Sunday night's episode, Tony Bellew opened up to the camp about boxing and what it was like fighting Oleksandr Usyk.

In the camp, Jamie Lynn asked Tony: "What does it feel like when you knock somebody out?"

He replied: "Do you know what? It's a relief it's over."

Sam Thompson then asked: "What was it like fighting Usyk?"

Tony admitted: "Too hard. Obviously, he's amazing. I've fought stronger people, I've fought quicker people, but I've never fought someone like him who has got everything. He works you out. He downloads what you do.

"He's downloading all the data in front of him. It takes him three rounds to do it. With me, it took him eight. And then he does it, he pulled the trigger. But I was exhausted. I remember everything up until round 7. I don't remember round 8."

Fred asked: "Because you were so tired?", to which Tony agreed.

In the Bush Telegraph, Tony added: "The referee literally saved my life. Next shot probably puts me away for good. So, boxing at the highest level in the professional business is brutal. My priority was to make it home safe. After that, it was to win at all costs."

Elsewhere in the jungle, Marvin told the housemate how he proposed to Rochelle Humes, leaving everyone in awe of their relationship.

Chatting in camp with Nella and Josie, Marvin said: "When I was ready to settle down, and I knew Rochelle was the one, I took her to the Maldives for Christmas. On the day, I hired a tiny little island – small, from here to the treehouse, maybe twice the size… they dropped us off [at] maybe 11am and I stood next to her, saying 'let's do a picture'. Then I went down on one knee."

Marvin continued: "We got back home [and] immediately started planning the wedding. We got married, we had five days together, then she went to America for six weeks to shoot a TV show in LA.

"Then I met her in New York, we had one night together in New York, she went back to LA, I went back to London. Six weeks later she was pregnant, from that one night in New York."

Read more:

Episode 7 - Jamie Lynn talked about her relationship with sister Britney Spears

It was another busy day in camp on Saturday night, with the celebrities finally merging together at the main camp.

After facing each other in tasks, Tony Bellew and Frankie Dettori merged with the main camp, and Sam Thompson was "so excited" to meet them.

Once the celebrities became one camp again, Josie began getting to know Frankie and asked: "How did you feel when you got your statue?"

Frankie replied: "Embarrassing!" Josie then asked: "Are you joking?"

"Yeah, I feel embarrassed actually," Frankie told the This Morning host.

Elsewhere in camp, Tony told Sam about the trial and how they managed to get 12 stars. Celebrating, Sam asked: "Can I hug you or not?"

Tony replied: "Course you can, mate. Yeah, we've got 12."

In the Bush Telegraph, Sam couldn't hold in his excitement and said: "I've watched a ton of his fights. He's bigger in real life, he's a unit."

Tony Bellew on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! wearing a red gilet and brown shirt and hat
Tony Bellew. ITV ITV

Fred also picked up on Sam's excitement over meeting Tony and said in the Bush Telegraph: "Sam is so excited that Tony Bellew has arrived in the jungle. He can't believe his eyes and he can't believe his ears."

Elsewhere in the episode, Sam asked Jamie Lynn about her relationship with her sister, Britney Spears.

When asked if she thought Britney was watching her on the show, Jamie Lynn said: "I can imagine she'd be worried about me on here. I think she's probably checking in on me heavily. I do think she's probably like, 'Why would she do that?'

"She asked me that before I came here, she was like, 'You're really going to do it?' I was like, 'I'm going to go to Australia and check it out.' She's a good big sister, she is. Yeah, I love her. Me and her throw down. The world's seen that. I've learned to stop talking about it publicly, but you know what? Families fight. Listen, we just do it better than most."

Jamie Lynn went on to tell Sam that she and Britney had "a very complicated upbringing" that they both dealt with in "different ways".

She explained: "Sometimes we took it out on each other when perhaps we shouldn't have. I've never, ever… I've been the one person in her life - and she can say this - I've never taken anything from her, you know?

"I've been the one person in her life who's always said, 'I just want to be your sister'. We just had a really weird life so we can't explain it to many people, but at the end of the road I know that that’s my family. I love them."

Episode 6 - Home and Away teams battled it out for breakfast

Another day in the camp saw the campmates get to know each other much more, with Frankie opening up about moving to the UK by himself aged 14 to pursue his dream of being a jockey.

He told Danielle that he watched Eastenders to learn English at first, a sentiment that Danielle admitted in The Bush Telegraph that she's heard many times before and joked about people using Peggy Mitchell's iconic "Get out of my pub" line.

More campmates took on the new challenge, Touchdown of Terror, with Nella and Grace being chosen by the public to take part. Sam was chosen to join Nella while Nigel volunteered to join Grace.

The challenge wasn't as straightforward as throwing a ball but also involved appearances from some creepy crawlies and ended up being a tight call. But the Away team won a nice dinner after the Home team stepped back from the challenge and pulled their cord.

The win definitely lifted Grace's spirits after she had previously admitted to The Bush Telegraph that she didn't have a lot left in her but her win saw the Away team feasting on camel steaks for their dinner.

Elsewhere, Jamie Lynn tried her best to understand the world of Made in Chelsea through speaking to Sam about his time on the show. And it seemed as though Sam did enough to pique her interest as she admitted she's going to go back and watch previous seasons of the E4 show.

Fred also questioned Jamie Lynn about her sister Britney and her well-known kiss with Madonna but the conversation also opened up to Frankie, who asked Jamie Lynn about rumours over the two not getting along anymore, which Jamie Lynn denied.

The second challenge of the episode came with the Power Shower Playoffs which saw one celebrity donning a hilarious sponge costume and rather expectantly, the challenge ended in chaos. The Away team's Josie and Marvin scooped up the prize for that one but their win was quickly sidelined after the next playoff, Handball, saw the Home team come out victorious and win the coveted breakfast.

Of course, the Away team was sad about their loss but now the attention has turned to the next challenge, Down Your Sorrows, which is another eating challenge that will likely be gross in typical I'm A Celeb style.

Episode 5 - The camp was divided

The fifth episode of I'm A Celeb saw the camp divided – quite literally. As the campmates arrived at 'Scarena', Ant and Dec informed the campmates that they would be taking on the Locker Shocker Trial.

The rules were simple and the challenge involved the campmates unlocking stars and moving them up through a mesh maze. But it wouldn't be an episode of I'm A Celeb without some fittingly disgusting additions so there was everything from fish guts to feathers dropped on the campmates as they tried to unlock their stars.

The first five to finish formed one team while the losing five formed another but the twist came when Dec revealed that the winning 'Home' team could go back to Main Camp, but the losing team had to head to Snake Rock and are now the 'Away' team.

The teams were then introduced to their coaches, new camp additions Tony Bellew and Frankie Dettori who then had to go head-to-head to determine which team they would coach. Frankie won and became the Home team coach while Tony became the Away team coach.

The new camps were decked out in the team's new colours, along with uniforms for them all and the campmates started to bond with their new coaches.

Then, the teams had to take on a challenge called Slam Dunk'd which saw Nella and Fred paired up while the other team's Nick and Marvin took on the task.

It was an anticipated moment for Nella and Fred, especially seeing as the pair didn't get off to the smoothest of starts with one another after the week's earlier disagreement.

Nella and Fred came out victorious in the challenge, leading fans to wonder whether their disagreement had finally been put to one side. The Home team enjoyed a lovely dinner with Jamie Lynn saying a Thanksgiving prayer, while Tony's Away team only ate rice and beans for the night.

Episode 4 - New arrivals joined camp!

It was a tense time in the jungle in episode 4, with a rat in the camp, Nella Rose admitting she considered quitting and two new arrivals making their way Down Under.

In the morning, Nick Pickard spotted there was a hole in their rubbish bag, to which he said: "Something's had a gnaw at that."

A few of the housemates were fed up with how food was being disposed of, which led to rats going for the leftovers.

Elsewhere in the episode, Nella Rose admitted that if Jamie Lynn had chosen to leave the show the night before, she would have followed suit.

While in the Bush Telegraph, Nella explained: "Whenever I feel uncomfortable, whenever I feel sad, I do tend to leave. I do tend to not carry things through if I feel uncomfortable. So the fact I've lasted in the jungle for this long is astonishing."

The YouTuber opened up to food critic Grace Dent about her troubles, explaining that she often doesn't follow through with things.

She said: "I've never, ever in my life started something and finished it. Ever. I always quit, or I always sign on short term or if I don't like it I can leave… this is the one thing I said I'm going to try and stick it through, but I can already see myself… if I get in my head too much…"

Grace then asked: "Do you bolt? You run the minute things start to pick up?"

Nella replied: "When I was younger, I was put in a lot of situations that I had no control over. I was sad and miserable. So now that I have the control over my happiness and the things I want to do, I think I'm kind of, I've become obsessed with it: 'Oh, you don't have to do this if you don't want to.'"

As the episode continued, Jamie Lynn took on the Climb of Cruelty trial, which saw her reach 100ft in the air, managing to get all 10 stars for her campmates.

After winning all the stars, she said: "All I was thinking about was, 'You've got hungry campmates.'"

At the end of the episode, it was confirmed that boxer Tony Bellew and jockey Frankie Dettori would be joining the camp as late arrivals.

It was revealed that the two latecomers would become camp coaches and lead their new campmates into battle in the 'Scarena'.

Episode 3 - Fred Sirieix vs Nella Rose

Things got very heated in the jungle in episode 3, as Nella Rose revealed that Fred Sirieix had offended her the night before.

In the morning, the campmates were talking about the weather, with Fred saying: "It’s just rain, rain, rain, it’s chucking it down."

Grace Dent said: "Camp, to me, feels like about day 11 at Glastonbury. Really rainy Glastonbury. Instead of seeing Coldplay tonight, I’m just going to see Fred in his underpants again."

Fred then tried to offer Nella rice, but she ignored his calls to her.

Speaking on the Bush Telegraph, Nella explained: "Last night, after dinner, Fred made a comment about him basically how he could be my dad. I took offence to that, because one of the first conversations we had together was me opening up about the fact that my dad’s passed away."

Fred told Nella that she needed to eat and called her several times, but she continued to ignore him. At which point he went over to check what the issue was.

Nella explained that people only get "one chance" to disrespect her and that she felt disrespected by his comments given that her dad has passed away.

Fred apologised, but Nella insisted that she wouldn't be eating his food going forward, and that they wouldn't be "friends".

You can watch the argument below:

Also in last night's episode, Nigel Farage talked about his previous plane and car crash, admitting that he was "being an idiot, flying a banner".

Fred then asked: "What was on the banner?"

"A Brexit message, obviously…" Nigel said, before adding, "Vote for independence or something like that."

He continued: "I don’t recall being unconscious, but I do recall the explosion, the plane flipping over, being stuck in there, everything broken… every rib front and back, split sternum, punctured lung… it was bad."

Having been voted by the public, it was now time for Nella to take on the latest trial.

"I just feel like everybody thinks I’m going to do so well. The pressure’s on me," she said as she joined hosts Ant & Dec.

Ant then explained the trial, saying: "Nella, this is No Time to Cry - through the fence and hidden deep underground is an evil villain’s secret lair.

"You have to take on the role of secret agent and infiltrate that secret lair, collecting stars as you go. The stars are hidden behind protected glass. To get them, you’re going to need this super hi-tech magnetic secret agent watch…"

Dec added: "It’s basically a magnet we’ve glued to some velcro. But you get the idea."

Encouraging her, Ant said: "We’re all behind you."

Dec joked: "Quite far behind you…"

Nella Rose smiling at the camera with her arm on her hip, werring a khaki brown overshirt with a blue t-shirt underneath, accompanied with a red gilet and hat
Nella Rose. ITV

Once underground, Nella faced a maze of lasers. She had to try to navigate them while trying to free the star with the magnetic watch. Breaking the lasers, she kept being forced to start back at the beginning.

With three stars in her bag, a frantic Nella rushed past points, as Ant & Dec tried to encourage her back. She then faced being electrocuted as she attempted to get a further star.

Nella then chose to leave the trial early, shouting: "I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!"

Rejoining Ant & Dec with three out of 10 stars for camp, she said: "That’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Confined spaces. The electric shocks. I was confined, underground, electrocuted, it was giving hell. I feel like I was in hell. They’re going to be so disappointed in me… I’m so disappointed in myself."

Back in camp, Fred, Sam Thompson and Marvin Humes talked about meeting their partners.

"Fred, I’m going to be honest with you mate, it was really romantic… she slid into my DMs. This is so lame. I liked a couple of her photos to just to sort of let her know I was alive and she followed me on Instagram… then I said to her, 'Look, I’m going to be really honest with you, I’m really bad at this digital texting stuff, I’m going to get it wrong soon, can I take you out on a date…?'" Sam said.

Of meeting his now wife, Marvin said: "I met Rochelle when JLS and The Saturdays were doing shows together. I’d always said to the boys, 'I really like her, I think she’s hot.'

"We went to a nightclub in Ireland after doing a show together one night and we were just chatting, getting on really well. She went to the toilet, right? She left her handbag at the table with me. So then, I thought, right, got her phone out and called myself so I had her phone number. It took about three months of pestering her to get a date."

Jamie Lynn Spears smiling a the camera, wearing a khaki over shirt with a blue top underneath, with her hand on her hip
Jamie Lynn Spears. ITV

Later that day, Danielle Harold and Sam gave Jamie Lynn spears a pep talk, after she admitted: "I don’t know how I’m so emotionally weak."

"You’re so strong. This is tough, babe. Tough. So tough. It’s not easy," Danielle said.

"It’s important to remember you’ve come from a whole different continent, you don’t know anyone here, it’s hard. It’s real hard," Sam added.

During the night, the campmates found out there was a chance to win their luxury items.

Danielle, Sam, Grace and Marvin were tasked with standing behind bars. They had long paddles, which they had to use to hold up a box denoting each campmate’s luxury item. They had to hold it up long enough to stop it falling down a trapdoor.

They managed to win Josie her pillow, Danielle's pineapple-shaped lilo, Nick's cushion and Nella's lip gloss. However, they missed out on losing the other six items due to the intensity of the challenge.

Episode 2 - The celebrities spent their first night in camp

The second episode saw the celebrities spend their first night in the jungle, with some of them admitting they heard some strange noises while everyone was sleeping.

Singer Marvin Humes raised suspicion and said: "Everyone had a rough night's sleep, lots of crazy sounds!"

Sam Thompson agreed and said: "The noises [that] were made. The noises were crazy."

It seems Sam and Marvin have formed a type of bromance, with the latter teaching Sam the routine to JLS song, Everybody in Love.

Later on, Jamie Lynn Spears opened up to Fred Sirieix about her family life, in particular regarding her older sister, Britney Spears.

"Your sister is an obviously a superstar, you're a superstar, why? How come the both of you, what made it?" Fred asked.

Jamie Lynn replied: "I think every family fights and has their stuff, but I talked to her before I came here and we love each other."

The singer went on to explain her rise to fame and appearance on Zoey 101.

"All we ever did was sing and dance, that was our whole household, that's how we were," she told the TV presenter.

"We auditioned for a show called All That, and that's when I was on All That for three years before I did Zoey [101]. It was very successful.

"After I finished Zoey, I had my love of my life, what I thought, I decided to keep the baby. I was 16. The whole world was like, 'You're a s**t, you're horrible, your life is over.'"

Spears explained that she moved away from the spotlight and "hid", revealing she had 20 paparazzi following her around every day.

"They wouldn't leave me alone," she said.

"They came and lived in Mississippi, middle of nowhere. It was horrible. I hated it so much. I just wanted to be normal. I wanted my baby to be normal. Everybody told me I was going to be a horrible mum. So I was like, I've got to raise this baby by myself, and I did."

In the Bush Telegraph, Jamie Lynn said: "I'm proud of where I'm at now. I don't share it in a way of being sad or crying about it, but it's like, I don't know, I just... I'm really thankful."

In a moment that had viewers in stitches, Sam began asking Marvin about JLS's rise to fame and their dance routines on tour.

Marvin explained: "For about a year, we tried the old school way of making it, knocking on record companies' doors, management companies, and just no one was interested at all.

"We were about to call it a day and Aston was like, 'Why don’t we give it one more shot at X Factor?' All worked out."

When asked if The X Factor was the band's big break, Marvin said: "Yeah, 100 per cent!"

Sam then began singing: "Everybody in love, now put your hands up… Marv, what's the dance?"

Marvin got up and started teaching Sam some dance moves.

Marvin started singing another JLS track: "She makes me wanna…"

Sam quickly got the dance routine locked down and said: "I feel great! That was intermediate, that wasn't easy."

Nella Rose and Nigel Farage then took on the Jungle Pizzeria trial after being voted for by the public.

The campmates were told by Ant & Dec they would be taking turns to eat slices of pizza, with interesting toppings.

Among the mix of pizzas was a 'Pepper Groaney', 'a Veggie Scarian' and a 'Quattro For-gag-io'.

As Nella tried hard not to vomit her way through dishes that included giant mealworms and fly pupae, she joked: "No one's ever going to marry me after this!"

Episode 1 - The celebrities arrived in camp

The first episode kicked off with this year's celebrities arriving in Australia. First to arrive in the scorching outbacl was This Morning presenter Josie Gisbon. She was soon joined by former politician Nigel Farage and social media star Nella Rose.

The contestants were told that they'd have to take on a set of challenges to win time for the rest of their campmates to complete tasks for stars, which equate to meals in camp.

The trio set off in a car to another location to start their first challenge, which required two people to put their heads in hell holes and one person to dunk their head into barrels to find tokens.

Josie opted for the barrels saying: “I’ll take one for the team, I’ll take the barrels. I don’t mind sticking my head in things that don’t belong…”

Josie managed to win three tokens and so did Nigel, giving them a total of six minutes.

Nella Rose talking about joining I'm a Celebrity on episode 1 of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! 2023
Nella Rose ITV

Meanwhile on the Gold Coast, Sam Thompson, Danielle Harold, Grace Dent and Fred Sirieix were flown by helicopter to the top of a building 100m off of the ground.

Ant and Dec then arrived to reveal the rules of the challenge: "In pairs, you’ve got to make your way over the edge of the building, down the ladders, along the narrow ledge, until you come to your pole. In order to win stars, you’ve got to lie face down on the pole and shimmy yourself and your star all the way to the end of the pole. When the star is in the yellow zone, you’ve won that star.”

Next up was Grace and Sam, who were also successful giving them a winning total of four stars.

Having just met for the first time Marvin Humes, Jamie Lynn Spears and Nick Pickard learned they would have to face a skydive before heading off to do the very first Trial of the series.

While Marvin, Nick and Jamie Lynn made their way to the Trial, Nigel, Nella and Josie faced another challenge to earn them time. This time round, two of them had to sit in thick gunk in the bed of a truck while searching for tokens tied up on bits of rope. Meanwhile the other had to search for tokens hidden under the bonnet and in the glove box, with some snakes in there, too.

"This is not the glamorous jungle entrance that I wanted," Nella quipped.

Nella opted to go for the gunk in the back with Nigel. This time proved more successful for Nella, who found all three tokens. Meanwhile Nigel found two and Josie earned two despite saying of the snakes: “They’re looking at me like they want to bite me!”

In total this earned their fellow campmates seven minutes for The Temple of Doom.

Jamie Lynn Spears speaking in her VT on the first episode of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! 2023
Jamie Lynn Spears Youtube

Still buoyed up from their skydive, Nick, Marvin and Jamie Lynn met Ant and Dec for the debut Bushtucker Trial of the series.

Ant explained: "The amount of time you have to do this Trial isn’t down to us. You see, over 2000 miles away, in the middle of Australia, right in The Outback, other celebrities have been taking on challenges to win you time. Out of a possible nine minutes, they’ve won you…. seven minutes!"

Dec then explained the gameplay: “Two of you are going to be strapped into two perspex boxes, either side of the Temple. You’ll take it in turns to find jungle related words on the rotating discs beside you. When you’ve got a word you shout it out. If it’s correct a star will lower above the third celebrity who is strapped to a stone table in the centre. To win the star they will take it off using only their mouth and drop it on the table beside them. Then it’s over to the other celebrity in the other perspex box.”

Opting to be in the boxes Marvin and Jamie Lynn soon found they had green ants for company, while Nick struggled to release the stars with his mouth while covered in spiders and other critters.

However, successfully finding words including ‘tree’, the trio won the remaining six stars so headed into camp to share the good news they had a 10/10 dinner heading their way.

After completing their challenges, all the contestants met in camp where there were lots of starstruck celebs.

Fred and Sam quickly got the fire going, as Danielle gushed: "It’s just mad, I’m with Britney Spears’s sister. I used to watch Zoey 101 when I come home from school. So it was a bit weird, a bit random.”

In the Bush Telegraph Sam said of seeing Nigel Farage enter: “You just don’t see that coming. I’m living in a camp with Nigel Farage… You know when someone’s got their trousers hitched up real high, I was like, yeah, fair play mate…”

That evening, Fred took charge of cooking their meal, saying: “I love to cook. At home I’m in charge of pleasure. It’s going to be the same here.”

He then served up 'jungle paella' after quizzing the contestants about their relationship statuses, to which Josie joked: "Fred, I’m not desperate!”

I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! continues nightly at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

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