Henry has been having a Big Brother experience like no other.


The food critic was recently up for eviction against Zak, but the public opted to save Henry and he was able to stay in the house another week.

Farida became the first housemate to leave the house on Friday 13th October, after losing out to Kerry in the public vote.

In more recent antics in the house, Henry shares a kiss with Jordan. Could a budding romance be on the horizon?

The food writer and royalist became the 14th contestant to join this year's series, sharing his hopes for his "moment of craziness" on the iconic reality TV show.

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Over the next three weeks, the remaining contestants will continue have their every moves analysed extremely closely by the watchful eye of Big Brother.

Here's everything you need to know about Henry – the 14th contestant in the Big Brother 2023 cast line-up.

Who is Henry?

Age: 25

Job: Food writer

From: Cotswolds

Henry is a 25-year-old food writer from the Cotswolds.

He has been a fan of the show of years and when the "unique opportunity" arose, he knew he needed to go on.

During his VT, Henry admitted Boris Johnson is at the top of his guest list when it comes his dream lunch guests. The food writer is looking forward to "learning lots of life skills", like learning how to do the washing, clean and cook.

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He said: "I'm 25 but I'm not an adult. These are some big things they don't teach you at school that I need to learn. And also just getting to know loads of different people from very different backgrounds that I might not get to meet in my everyday life."

Henry admitted that his parents would describe him as a "snob", but he takes it as a compliment. "I think it means you've got high standards and good taste," he explained.

Is Henry on Instagram?

Yes! Henry does have an Instagram page, but like all of the other contestants it has been set to private while he takes part on the show.

Henry's handle is @iamhenrysouthan and he even has a blue tick and over 5,000 followers.

As per ITV's Duty of Care protocols, Henry's Instagram will remain dormant over the course of his time in the Big Brother house, much like the Love Island contestants.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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