We're only a matter of days until The Lazarus Project returns for its much-anticipated season 2, with fans of the series set to embark on another rollercoaster journey as the Lazarus team has to race against time to find a solution before humanity is wiped out forever.


With a confirmed release date and trailer having recently been revealed, excitement continues to build for the new season, which will see Paapa Essiedu reprise his leading role as George, along with returning cast members like Caroline Quentin, Tom Burke and Anjli Mohindra.

Outside of The Lazarus Project, Essiedu is also known for his leading role in BBC's The Capture season 2, where he starred as politician Isaac Turner alongside Holliday Grainger's Rachel Carey.

Fans of the BBC series will know that things ended on quite an open-ended note for Essiedu's character, but could there be more in store for the actor and The Capture?

Chatting exclusively to RadioTimes.com, Essiedu said: “Ben Chanan, who writes the series, I know it's a story that's very close to his heart, but I actually don't remember about the future of it. But I loved working with him and I thought those scripts were amazing.

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"I thought that character was so interesting and he lands in quite an interesting place by the end of that series, so who knows what the future holds for him?”

The second season of The Capture aired back in 2022, with fans patiently waiting to hear whether a potential season 3 could be on the cards. While Essiedu underlines the fact that the future may not be as clear right now, series writer Ben Chanan was previously asked by RadioTimes.com whether he could offer an update on where a third season was in the works.

Paapa Essiedu as George in The Lazarus Project.
Paapa Essiedu as George in The Lazarus Project. Sky

He said: "I can’t confirm or deny at this point, I’m so sorry".

In terms of what could be on the cards for a potential third season, Chanan did reveal: "I think that the world of deep fakes and fake news and AI, it keeps developing. I think we went quite far with The Capture in terms of what the hell could happen next, in terms of the sort of fear of what could happen.

"I think we went quite far across the two series, and I almost feel sometimes like I need to take a minute and wait for the news to catch up or for predictions, nightmare predictions of what's next."

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As for what's immediately up next for Essiedu, who recently starred in the sixth season of Black Mirror, he will reprise his role as George in The Lazarus Project – with things looking even more tense than ever before.

The official synopsis for season 2 reads: "When the world locks into a never-ending time loop that will ultimately end with the planet's complete extinction, the Lazarus team must race against time to find a solution before humanity is wiped out forever.

"Among their number is resolute Lazarus agent George, who's been left in disgrace after betraying the organisation in the name of love.

"George is determined to redeem himself and win back the trust of his friends, colleagues and the love of his life. But when he discovers that the cause he's fighting is more sinister than it appears, George begins to suspect that the only person he can really trust is himself."

The Lazarus Project returns for season 2 on 15th November. Season 1 is available to watch now via Sky and NOW sign up for Sky TV here.

The Capture is available on BBC iPlayer.

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