The cast of Endeavour have been delivering knock-out performances and thrilling mysteries for nine seasons.

But like all good things, the series must come to an end with an "emotionally satisfied" kind ending on the cards, according to series star Shaun Evans.

So far, the final '70s-set series has provided twists and turns aplenty, with Endeavour and Thursday tackling a host of intriguing cases — but as the team looks set to disband and leave Oxford, where will that leave Endeavour?

Familiar faces like Roger Allam return as DCI Fred Thursday, along with Anton Lesser as Chief Superintendent Bright and Sara Vickers as Joan Strange.

But who else is set to return for the finale of Endeavour? Read on to find out everything about the cast of Endeavour season 9.

Endeavour season 9 cast

Shaun Evans plays Detective Sergeant Endeavour Morse

Shaun Evans as Endeavour. ITV

Who is Endeavour Morse? Our enigmatic lead, Endeavour is the younger version of John Thaw's character in the iconic Inspector Morse series. We've followed him through ups and downs throughout his personal and professional life, but last season saw a new side to Endeavour, as he increasingly turned to alcohol.

Speaking about where we left Endeavour in season 8, Evans states: “Things were getting on top of Morse at the end of the last series. Burning the candle at both ends and not managing his relationship with alcohol. So he has taken some time off and been away for a number of months in what is said to be the West Country to get his act together.

“At the start of this series he is back with a more balanced perspective. It’s dealt with in a very subtle and interesting way. And he will now only take a drink during moments of emotional turmoil. It’s not for boredom or for habit. It’s harking back to what we’ve done over the past couple of years. Whenever things are getting difficult this, in a way, is his refuge. Likewise with the crossword puzzles and the opera. It’s a safe space for him.”

In this season, though, as things start to draw to a close, Evans has also said that his character's "aloneness and isolation is cemented in this series", which likely hints at the surrogate father-son relationship between Endeavour and Thursday.

Where have I seen Shaun Evans before? Evans has starred as Endeavour since the beginning of the prequel in 2012, but has also had roles in Teachers, Silk, Ashes to Ashes and Vigil. He has also directed episodes of Casualty and Endeavour, and has directed the first episode of Endeavour season 9.

Roger Allam plays Detective Inspector Fred Thursday

Roger Allam as DI Fred Thursday in Endeavour.
Roger Allam as DCI Fred Thursday in Endeavour. ITV

Who is Fred Thursday? Fred is Endeavour's long-standing boss and mentor, who has been under financial and personal pressures in recent seasons. He's been a kind of surrogate father for Endeavour but their relationship is set to be under immense pressure in this forthcoming ninth season.

Thursday's future will also be set to change this season, with Allam stating: “Thursday applies for a promotion to nearby Carshall, where Endeavour started his police career. The promotion means that because of the money Fred lost to his brother Charlie he can serve for maybe three more years in Carshall, increase his pension, and then call it a day. But that means more desk work which he has never been keen on."

Chatting to and other press about the new season, Allam also revealed how there will be "a bit of a crisis" in the Thursday family, especially in regards to his own son Sam.

"I mean, it is very, very, rocky," he says. "And there is something – something goes wrong in it that results in a kind of parting of the ways for Morse and Thursday. So it's big, it's massive.”

Where have I seen Roger Allam before? The well-known stage and screen actor has been in a variety of different things such as playing Illyrio Mopatis in Game of Thrones, Brigadier Adrian Stone in The Missing and Antoine Verlaque in Murder in Provence. He also stars in BBC Radio 4 comedy drama series Conversations from a Long Marriage opposite Dame Joanna Lumley, to name a few of his appearances.

Anton Lesser plays Chief Superintendent Reginald Bright

Endeavour season 9
Shaun Evans as Endeavour and Anton Lesser as Reginald Bright. ITV

Who is Reginald Bright? Bright is on the verge of retirement in this season, no longer able to recognise the world of 1972. Evans describes it as "actually what has happened is time has moved on and perhaps you have not moved along with it. That’s when Bright knows it’s time to retire."

Where have I seen Anton Lesser before? Another acclaimed and well-known actor, Lesser is perhaps best known to many audiences for his role as Qyburn, Queen Cersei's villainous advisor, in HBO's Game of Thrones. He's also starred in The Crown, Disobedience, Wolf Hall, Ripper Street and most recently, Andor and Better.

Sean Rigby plays Detective Sergeant Jim Strange

Endeavour season 9
Sean Rigby as DS Jim Strange. ITV

Who is Jim Strange? Morse's friend, colleague and former roommate, Strange is a younger version of Morse’s boss from the original Inspector Morse series. According to Allam, "Jim Strange is set to move away with Joan," which only further adds to Endeavour's sense of loneliness and isolation in this final season.

Where have I seen Sean Rigby before? Rigby has starred in BBC historical drama Gunpowder, in addition to short films Isabella, The Baby Shower and Crossing Seas.

Sara Vickers plays Joan Thursday

Endeavour season 9
Sara Vickers as Joan Thursday. ITV

Who is Joan Thursday? Fred and Win's daughter, Joan is engaged to marry Jim this season but after the lingering 'will they/won't they' romantic storyline between Endeavour and Joan, how will her feelings play out in this final season?

Allam also teased that “Thursday, Morse and others are in real danger" this season, so will Joan's wedding go off without a hitch? We'll just have to wait and see.

Where have I seen Sara Vickers before? Vickers starred in HBO's Watchmen as Ms. Crookshanks and has also had roles in Lovesick, The Crown, Shetland, Man Down, Privates, Taggart and Scottish crime drama, Guilt.

Caroline O’Neill plays Win Thursday

Caroline O’Neill as Win Thursday.

Who is Win Thursday? Win is Fred's wife and previously, the two have gone through their fair share of trials and tribulations within their marriage on account of their financial situation.

Where have I seen Caroline O'Neill before? The actress has starred in numerous shows including Last Tango in Halifax, Lewis, EastEnders, Coronation Street, Grange Hill, Doc Martin, Queer as Folk, and Happy Valley.

Jack Bannon plays Sam Thursday

Endeavour season 9
Jack Bannon as Sam. ITV

Who is Sam Thursday? Sam is Fred and Win's son, who has arrived back from Northern Ireland following his service in the British Army. Speaking about Sam's arrival this series, Allam has revealed: “Sam is a huge worry for Thursday in this series. Sam is out of control and doesn’t know what to do. He didn’t really want to come home to Oxford in the first place. So there is an awful lot to deal with there both practically and emotionally about how to get Sam on his feet again.

“Sam feels humiliated about what happened when he was with the Army in Northern Ireland. His experience there is a different kind of thing to what Thursday went through in the Second World War. That was so vast with Fred fighting in North Africa and the Italian campaign which was pretty awful. Especially the Battle of Monte Cassino."

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Where have I seen Jack Bannon before? Bannon has previously appeared in Endeavour as Sam and reprises his role this season. He has also starred in Medici, Pennyworth, The Loch and Clique.

Abigail Thaw plays Dorothea Frazil

Endeavour season 9
Abigail Thaw as Dorothea Frazil. ITV

Who is Dorothea Frazil? Dorothea has become a friend of Morse's throughout the seasons and is the editor of the real-life Oxford Mail newspaper, and staunch supporter of women's rights.

Where have I seen Abigail Thaw before? Abigail is the real-life daughter of former Inspector Morse star John Thaw. She has starred in Black Mirror, Love Soup, I Want My Wife Back, Doctors, Casualty and The Bill, among many other TV, stage and film roles.

James Bradshaw plays Dr Max DeBryn

Endeavour season 9
James Bradshaw as Dr Max DeBryn. ITV

Who is Dr Max DeBryn? Max is the Home Office pathologist, and is a younger version of the same character who appeared in early episodes of the original Inspector Morse series (who is played by Peter Woodthorpe).

Where have I seen James Bradshaw before? Bradshaw has starred in Hollyoaks, Primeval, Doctors, EastEnders, Coronation Street, Heartbeat, Close to the Enemy and Mile High.

Additional cast for Endeavour season 9

Endeavour season 9
Nicholas Boulton as John Graham-Scott and James Anderson as Fergus in Endeavour. ITV

Like with previous seasons, each instalment focuses on an entirely different case with a cast of guest characters and actors. Episode 3, entitled Exeunt, is the last in season 9.

Endeavour’s investigates a number of untimely death notices in the Oxford Mail, each with a cryptic message, which leads him to a series of funerals before the case gets dangerously close for comfort.

Thursday is facing more than one confrontation of his own, as his past closes in on him and he resorts to desperate measures to protect those he loves most. At CID, as Strange looks set to transfer to Kidlington and Bright eyes retirement, where will this leave Endeavour and Thursday?

Additional cast members for Exeunt are being kept understandably under wraps. But the additional cast for episodes 1 (Prelude) and 2 (Uniform) are as follows:

  • Jane Lapotaire as Madame
  • Rob Ostlere as Donald Fischer
  • Nicholas Farrell as Sir Alexander
  • Kirstin Louie as Christina
  • Tamsin Newlands as Margeaux
  • Imogen Daines as Mabs
  • James Anderson as Fergus
  • Nicholas Boulton as John
  • Leaphia Darko as Lindsay
  • Jenny Galloway as Mrs Pat Treadle
  • James Doherty as Mr Lee
  • Simon Harrison as Ronnie
  • Richard Hope as Ted/Sergeant Wilkins
  • Jack Laskey as Peter
  • Kevin R McNally as Kenny/Superintendent Jolliphant
  • Leo Staar as Richard
  • Jake Kenny-Byrne as Frederick
  • Bill Skinner as Archibald
  • Todd Bell as Henry
  • Paul Bazely as Mike
  • Shaheen Khan as Miss Hatch

Endeavour returns to ITV1 on Sunday 26th February at 8pm. Seasons 1-8 are available to stream on ITVX now. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what’s on.

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