And Then There Were None – what did you think?

Was it classic Christie? Or did the last episode leave you pining for Poirot?

The island murders of And Then There Were None finally came to an end last night in thrilling style.


There were twists, there were turns, and there was that dastardly red-herring that had the rest of us fooled hook line and sinker. We probably should have guessed that Charles Dance had the makings of a murderer a lot sooner, but the script always kept us in on our toes.

It was undoubtedly great TV, but was it great Christie? Are you one of those upset about And Then There Were None’s darker than usual tone and Lear-esque bloodbath?

It might not have been merry but there were some terrific performances. Which one of the all-star cast gave us the best tortured soul? For us it had to be Miranda Richardson and her nervous knitting. Do you think their renditions lived up to the characters from the books?