28 thoughts that go through my head during every single episode of Grey’s Anatomy

Some many emotions, so little time

Eleven series in, and medical drama Grey’s Anatomy still packs a punch. If you get through an episode without crying it’s quite the achievement. Whether it follows the ups and downs of Meredith and McDreamy’s relationship, a disaster of epic proportions or the death of yet another beloved character, there’s a lot to be prepared for. In fact, these 28 thoughts trundle through my head every time I tune in…


1. Who is going to die?

2. When are they going to die?

3. How are they going to die?

4. Is it going to be a character from the main cast, or will the episode get me entirely emotionally involved with some sweet old man who’s just been reunited with his long-lost love but then dies of a massive heart attack?

5. It’s going to be the old man isn’t it?

6. Should I watch another episode?

7. Should I in fact take a week away from the show to give my emotions time to recover?

8. Should that be a month?

9. Should I give up on this series completely?

10. Am I going to cry again?

11. Yes, I’m crying again.

12. Is this episode near the end of the series because if it is that means some huge drama is definitely going to go down.

13. What does pushing ten of epi actually mean?

14. Maybe I should have gone to med school.

15. Someone just came in with a handrail shoved through them; I definitely shouldn’t have gone to med school.

16. My day was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was.

17. I should call my parents more often.

18. Isn’t life short?

19. Would I give up my organs if I died?

20. Actually, did I already tick the box on a form to say I would?

21. Maybe not my eyes.

22. Are Meredith and Derek actually happy?

23. I never want to give birth.

24. Oh, it’s just clicked through to another episode. I’ll watch one more.

25. If anyone was watching me, they’d have seen my mouth just literally fall open.

26. Ok, one more. I can’t leave it at that.

27. OR THAT! Are they going to live?!


*Starts the process again the next day*


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