Mr Selfridge: six questions for Henri and Agnes Leclair

SPOILER ALERT: do not read beyond this point if you don't want to know what happens to Gregory Fitoussi and Aisling Loftus during tonight's episode


**SPOILER ALERT** Aisling Loftus and Gregory Fitoussi (aka Agnes and Henri Leclair) are leaving Mr Selfridge. I know, two of our most beloved Mr Selfridge characters exiting the series is a tough pill to swallow, but it’s for the best. Apparently. “We both spoke to the producers at the end of the second series individually and I think it makes sense that our characters leave,” explains Aisling. “It’s run its natural course and consequently, series three is really great for the both of us and the story in particular. I think it makes sense.”



Tonight, folks. Tonight. At 9pm on ITV. Get your box of tissues at the ready – Selfridges’ female clientele will cease to swoon at the store’s dashing creative director, and so will we. 


Like so many returning soldiers at the time, Henri’s memories of the horrors of WWI become too much to bear. “He was at Verdun which was the worst place where a lot of people were killed in a very tough way,” elaborates Gregory. “He’s come back with post-traumatic stress disorder. He’s trying to behave normally but he’s not normal any more – he’s seen too many horrible things.”

After it becomes clear that her new husband isn’t coping, Agnes makes a big decision. “[She] comes to the realisation that it’s not healthy for Henri to have to try to live the life he led before and be the man he was before,” adds Aisling. “It’s too much pressure to put upon him and so they decide together that it would make sense for them to go somewhere quiet.” 


Now, that would be telling. But we have it on good authority it’s a worthy conclusion to the pair’s story. “I think that people that are fans of the two of them will find the ending satisfying because it makes sense and you really believe that they really love each other,” says Aisling. 


It’s an important question, and Aisling won’t rule out a return: “It’s a brilliant show and it’s been a brilliant thing to be a part of so, you never say never.” Right answer! And Gregory’s on board, too… “I haven’t thought about it yet, but why not? If they ask me to come back for the very last episode…” 


Aisling will be back on our screens later this year in the long-awaited adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, playing Charlotte Lucas alongside the likes of Douglas Booth, Lena Headley, Matt Smith (her on-screen husband, lucky lady!) and Lily James whom she’ll also star with in BBC1’s big budget adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace. You can catch Gregory in new Adrian Brody film Emperor and French flick Qui c’est les plus forts?


Mr Selfridge continues next Sunday at 9pm on ITV

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