7 reasons you should watch The Good Wife

With brilliant women, leather waistcoats and the return of Elsbeth Tascioni, the US drama's sixth season is well worth sticking around for...



The Good Wife is one of the best shows on TV. It’s glossy, addictive, gripping and back on our British screens tonight for its sixth run.

Yes, Will Gardner’s gone, but there are still plenty of reasons to sit on your sofa and catch up with the lovely Alicia Florrick… 

1. The drama is going from strength to strength

Six series in it’s not unusual for a once-successful show to lose its way, especially when main characters are murdered in courtroom shootings (sob!) but The Good Wife shows no signs of slowing down. Is Alicia about to run for State’s Attorney? Has Diane really ditched Lockhart Gardener for Florrick Agos? Will our Good Wife fall for dishy ASA Finn Polmar (let’s keep our collective fingers crossed)? And, erm, just what is Cary doing behind bars? 

I know. You’re intrigued, aren’t you… 

2. We need to embrace the girl power 

The Good Wife is all about the ladies. The plot is peppered with charming and well-rounded chaps too, but this glossy US series has girl power written all over it. We’ve got strong, capable Alicia, ass-kicking, no-nonsense Kalinda and brilliant Diane. Plus countless other powerful characters who are forging ahead in a man’s world and refusing to fall into female stereotypes. 

Women don’t just talk about boys, babies and their feelings. They are too busy winning court cases and generally being awesome. 

3. It’s time to get over Will

We know. It’s like it happened yesterday. We keep expecting him to wander out of his office too. Sure, it’s tempting to turn your back on the show that killed off your favourite lawyer, but it’s been almost a year, the time has come to embrace Cook County without Mr Will Gardner…

4. Alan Cumming is still in it

Cumming is beyond brilliant as Peter Florrick’s scheming, sneaky and irritatingly likeable campaign guy. I love Alicia, Diane and Cary but if The Good Wife was suddenly The Eli Gold Show, I’d be totally fine with that too. 

5. Kalinda’s wacky wardrobe 

While fashions change, one thing stays the same: that gal still loves leather. Leather jackets, leather skirts, leather gloves, leather boots. Perhaps a leather waistcoat over a roll neck jumper (see below for that beauty.) It’s how we know she’s a truly AMAZING undercover investigator, if she can sneak around unnoticed with a dress sense like that… 

6. The legal jargon is priceless

If for some reason I ever had to defend myself in court, I’d be much better off for the hours I’ve spent in Cook County courthouse. That shouldn’t be sniffed at. Objection, your honour! 

7. And Elsbeth Tascioni… 

… will be back in series six. Need we say more?


The Good Wife returns tonight at 9:00pm on More4