Benedict Cumberbatch puts Judi Dench on the spot: “Would you like to be in Richard III with me?”

Calling out a question from the front row, Cumberbatch sealed the deal in front of a live audience at the Hay Festival

Dame Judi Dench took part in the Hay Festival this weekend and when the floor was opened up to questions from the audience, she got one from none other than Mr Benedict Cumberbatch.


Sitting in the front row, Cumberbatch, who will take on the role of Richard III in the BBC’s adaptation of the Shakespeare play this autumn, asked the legendary actress, “Would you like to be in Richard III with me?”

Apparently there was a rather good theatrical pause until she finally said, “Yeah”.

It’s rumoured Cumberbatch has been trying to get Dench on board for a while – keen for her to take on the role of Queen Margaret in director Dominic Cooke’s re-imagining of the play.

And agreeing in front of a crowd of witnesses is basically like signing a contract, right?

Dench didn’t let Cumberbatch off the hook though, calling upon him to help her in a mini performance from Twelfth Night on the stage as Orsino and Viola, according to The Telegraph .


Richard III will conclude the channel’s series of Shakespeare’s History Plays.