Mary Lynn Rajskub on the future of 24: “I’d be very shocked if they didn’t keep going”

The actress behind Jack Bauer's most trusted colleague Chloe O'Brian believes the spy thriller will continue beyond Live Another Day

If you thought Jack was back for a one-off batch of episodes, think again… 


Actress Mary Lynn Rajskub – who plays Bauer’s Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) right hand woman Chloe O’Brian – revealed to that the 12-episode series Live Another Day probably won’t be the last we see of 24. 

“I would be very shocked if they didn’t keep going based on the experience of making [Live Another Day] and the excitement for the show,” she said. “Originally they had planned for these twelve [episodes] to wrap up the entire story and franchise and then the seed of the idea they had grew and everybody involved got really excited about how good it was turning out.”

The actress – whose character is now working underground for high-profile hacker Adrian Cross (Michael Wincott) – cryptically added: “We’re on episode nine and ten and I still don’t know what’s going to happen with any of the story lines in eleven and twelve.

“If my character manages to live through these twelve then I would be on board.” 

Exciting stuff for fans of the American spy thriller which stars Kiefer Sutherland as renegade spy Jack Bauer who resurfaces in London for the revived series set entirely in the British capital.

24: Live Another Day hits UK screens on Wednesday 7 May at 9:00pm on Sky1, although any nocturnal fans can watch a live simulcast of the US premiere on Tuesday 6 May at 1:00am.