You’ve been asking for years and the development team has finally listened: Roblox has been confirmed on PS4 and its release date has been revealed. It’s launching very soon indeed!


Roblox on PlayStation will soon be a reality, meaning console players outside of Xbox can now join in on the fun that is as popular as ever. Seriously - the latest numbers suggest Roblox has over 66 million daily active users.

Best of all, the PS4 version of the game is the full version, with full cross-platform support. You can play online with anyone else no matter what platform they’re gaming on.

All of this means that, yes, you can play Roblox on PS4. At least, you will be able to soon.

Here is everything you need to know about the Roblox PS4 release date – including if it’s free to play or not.

When is the Roblox PS4 release date?

The Roblox PS4 release date is Tuesday 10th October 2023, the developer has confirmed.

Revealed during the PlayStation State of Play live-stream in September, the developers of the massive and creative online multiplayer game confirmed that it is launching on the PS4 on 10th October with full cross-platform capabilities.

Despite it not being a full-fat PS5 release, you will be able to play Roblox on PS4 or PS5 thanks to backwards compatibility on the current-gen Sony home console.

Releasing on PS4 ensures the highest number of players can enjoy this new console version.

It appears as though the PS4 version of the game will work in the same way as the Xbox One edition, which allows you to play on any creations from across the Roblox Experiences Multiverse. There are thousands of user-created things to try out, with new stuff being made by the community all the time.

You should be able to create your own experiences on PC or Mac using the Roblox Studio tools and transfer whatever you create onto the PS4, just as you can on the Xbox.

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Is Roblox free on PS4?

Roblox is a free download on PS4. You won’t have to spend a single penny to enjoy the game and everything it offers on PlayStation.

This means that everything Roblox will be available for free, including the constantly expanding library of experiences created by other players.

You can purchase Robux to buy in-game upgrades and premium avatar accessories. The Premium membership can also be bought, which grants access to a Robux stipend and a trading feature.

The Premium membership is entirely optional and can be cancelled at any time. Find out more about the Premium membership and how much it costs on the official website.

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