Some spells are useful, some are powerful, and some are, well, unforgivable. One such unforgivable curse is Avada Kedavra, and yes, the killing spell is in Hogwarts Legacy and you can use it.


While we’re not advocating the use of the horrible spell, it is powerful in game and will prove handy against tough enemies as it is a one-hit kill curse. Using it is about as evil as you can get in the game, though.

You won’t be able to unlock the spell until very late on in Hogwarts Legacy however, so if you’re hoping you can use it to make the game’s bosses a piece of cake while running through the main story missions, you might have to think again.

It comes so late in the game that you might have already completed it. Still, it's useful if you want to go back and complete everything, like taking out those pesky infamous foes.

Here is how to learn Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Avada Kedavra: how to learn the killing curse

To learn Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts Legacy and unlock the killing curse, you need to follow Sebastian Sallow’s relationship quest line.

The quest in question that you need to complete is In the Shadow of the Relic. The game recommends you reach level 28 before you start this quest, and requires you to have completed all previous Sallow’s quests up to and including In the Shadow of Hope and main story mission Lodgok’s Loyalty.

In the Shadow of the Relic is the 11th of 13 Sallow quests. As many of his relationship quests are missable, you will need to keep your eyes peeled for the Slytherin pupil. This is probably easiest for those sorted into Slytherin House over any others.

During the Shadow of the Relic quest, you will need to fight off against a cave full of Inferi and then a boss. Once this is done, you’ll head outside and talk to Sebastian.

In this conversation, select the following dialogue options:

  • Everyone should know that curse
  • Yes please

You can also learn it in the next Sallow relationship quest where you should tell Ominis Gaunt "We must not turn Sebastian in." Speak to Sebastian in the Undercroft after this and he’ll teach you any Unforgivable Curses you have missed up to that point, including Avada Kedavra.

It’s worth learning the curse as doing so should have no negative outcome on the game’s story. It’s entirely up to you whether you think your character should learn the nasty spell or not, though.

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