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EE Black Friday deals 2021: How to save with EE this year

Black Friday is almost here and we're taking a look at the best deals offered by connectivity-focused phone network, EE.

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For phone networks, seasonal sales are a hugely competitive time. They’ll all be offering competing deals to try and grab your attention, so it’s a fantastic opportunity to bag yourself a bargain on a new phone or contract.


RootMetrics has named EE the best UK network for the sixth year running. The network routinely offers good connectivity and an interesting range of deals, data packages and pricing plans. On this page, we’ll be taking a look at EE’s best deals and how to save on EE contracts during Black Friday 2021.

Some of the best deals available right now were actually launched during last year’s Black Friday madness, which goes to show that the date is important to the networks and worth waiting for as a buyer.

If you’re looking for a new handset or for a new phone contract with EE, then stay tuned to this page – which we’ll be updating regularly with the latest and greatest EE deals during the sales period.

When does the EE Black Friday sale start?

We’re expecting a great selection of EE deals on the 26th of November – the big day itself. However, there are likely to be one or two other deals beforehand, too, and savings will continue right through to Cyber Monday 2021, on the 29th.

Black Friday EE deals 2021: What deals can we expect this year?

Some of the best deals available right now were actually launched during last year’s Black Friday madness, which goes to show that the date is important to the networks and worth waiting for as a buyer.

As a result, we’re expecting EE to raise the bar again this Black Friday and offer some huge data bundles for surprising prices. Stay tuned to this page as we update it with the latest bargains.

Best EE deals right now

When it comes to network speeds, EE is miles ahead of the competition right now – according to independent research and testing from RootMetrics.

So, if you’re looking for a fast new phone contract, then EE might be the provider for you. EE also offer a range of top quality phones, including the iPhone 13, iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Take a look at the latest prices on these top-end handsets below.

Thanks to the release of the iPhone 13 and the imminent release of a new Samsung handset, these deals are likely to get much better as Black Friday draws closer. If that wasn’t enough, the upcoming Google Pixel 6 release date is bound to offer more savings on Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G.

EE via Rootmetrics

Top tips to find an EE deal on Black Friday

  • Shop around. The number one Black Friday tip is to make sure that you shop around. EE has won awards for network speeds, but if the best price is your priority, it will pay off to check their prices against other networks, too, as Black Friday is a hugely competitive time for phone networks trying to win new customers.
  • Set a budget. Setting a budget before going on your bargain hunt is useful as it will give your search clear boundaries and help you to focus on the deals that work for you.
  • Know how much data you use. How much data do you use a month? Don’t know? Try to find out before the sales arrive. This will help you to find a deal that suits you and doesn’t leave you overpaying – or running out of data and having to overpay for extra each month!
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What were the best EE deals last year?

Last year EE offered deals on a wide range of phones and SIM-only deals with big data plans at slashed prices. Take a look at a selection of last year’s deals below.

The Google Pixel 4A was discounted to £31 per month, with £30 up-front for a plan including 10GB of data.

The Oppo A72 with 10GB of data was reduced to £29 per month with £30 up-front, and the Samsung Galaxy S20 with 10GB of data was reduced to £37 a month with £70 up-front.

EE also offered a huge SIM-only, 5G-ready 160GB data plan with unlimited texts and calls for £20 per month, with a 24-month contract. The deal also included six months of BritBox, Apple Music and MTV Play.

For deals like these, with huge data packages and massive savings, stay tuned and check back on this page as Black Friday approaches. We’ll be keeping you updated with the best SIM-only deals.


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