BBC Radio 4 Today programme slips up over Jeremy Hunt’s name AGAIN

Radio 4 presenter Justin Webb accidentally turned the airwaves blue, mispronouncing the Health Secretary's name just as colleagues James Naughtie did in 2010


BBC Radio 4’s Today presenter Justin Webb accidentally mispronounced Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s surname, referring to the Cabinet member as “Jeremy C***” live on air.


Presenter Webb made the blunder while reading out a Daily Express story on the Health Secretary, turning the airwaves blue when he said, “The paper says that Health Secretary Jeremy C*** … Hunt is understood to favour a cap on social care.”

Listeners heard Webb stumble over Hunt’s surname, apparently correcting himself just in time in order to avoid saying the full expletive.

He later messaged to say it was an “important swerve” – listen to the clip above to decide whether he successfully covered it or not.


Webb isn’t the only Today presenter who has difficulty over Hunt’s name. James Naughtie famously struggled to regain his composure after he made the same error in 2010 when Hunt was Culture Secretary.

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